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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Warner Bros/Wonder Woman: Conan Trains With Wonder Woman - TBS

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Wonder Woman's world-wide release was moved up, becoming the start-of-summer tent pole release for Warner Bros. Expectations were sky high. Warner Bros sought to align and activate the launch of Wonder Woman with CONAN's young, socially active audience.

Turner and Team Coco turned this into a huge opportunity to achieve WB's objectives:

• Create engaging original content that drives huge online views.

• Provide share-worthy engagement with Conan's social platforms.

• Contribute to WB's opening weekend success.

Strategy and Execution

Keeping up with Wonder Woman requires peak physical conditioning, martial arts expertise, and unshakeable resolve (which Gal Gadot learned from years of training with the Israeli army). Unfortunately for Conan, he doesn't have any of those. Nevertheless, the late night host attempted to go toe to toe with Gal and the results were pretty hilarious.

The social strategy was to expand engagement and build buzz by launching the custom CONAN Remote on Thursday of opening weekend. A robust social campaign supported the integration with custom posts via Team Coco's social handles and distribution via Turner's proprietary targeting tool, turning this segment into one of CONAN's biggest integrated content promotions to date.

This partnership leveraged Turner's new social product, Launchpad, which is designed to maximize a brand's impact across platforms by proprietary, actionable insights applied to a multi-platform campaign, optimizing placement and engagement from start to finish. Utilizing data insights and real-time content optimization, Launchpad was able to push this video to gain 2.8M views and 24.6M Total impressions opening weekend.


The campaign for Wonder Woman highlighted themes of Power, Courage, Wisdom and Wonder. Conan's partnership honed in on Power, delivering remarkable views and engagement the week prior to release!

2.8M Video Views pre-release (total of 6.9M Views to date).

24.6M Total Impressions across Turner and Team Coco social footprint.

BTS and Bonus content segments created additional views and engagement.

This Conan Remote also gained great press pick up including HuffPost, Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, Maxim, Crave, the Advocate, and others.

Wonder Woman opened #1, earning more than $100Mil in its US opening weekend.


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