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Special Project

Special Project
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Susan G. Komen® | Valynda Is More Than Pink

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Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) kills more than 40,000 American women and men each year. It is the most advanced stage of breast cancer and has traveled to distant organs (brain, liver, lungs or bone). It is treatable but not curable. Some people live many years with MBC; others do not.

Komen has been a leader among nonprofits in this area by funding Metastatic research, funding national and community-based programs and elevating the issue by convening and collaborating with metastatic organizations, including hosting affiliate-level community forums.

There has been a growing perception that breast cancer is no longer an issue; as a result, many Americans have moved beyond supporting organizations like Komen. However, the brutal truth is that too many people are still dying from this disease, more than 100 every day.

Our Objective: Inspire direct action for MBC treatment and research that will lead to new advancements while reminding the Americans that breast cancer still kills.

Strategy and Execution

Breast cancer still kills.

This notion is scary and unapologetic. It serves as a reminder that despite the research, treatment advancements and ongoing push for early screening, people are still dying at an alarming rate. We decided to attack head on the perception that breast cancer has largely been cured.

To accomplish this, we told Valynda's real-life story. Valynda, a 38-year-old mother of four, is fighting Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. She is going to die, and she knows it. But she is fighting for her life, every single day. She decided to become an advocate so that her children and loved ones will never have to suffer like she has.

Valynda's story is raw and painful, but it had to be told. She reveals herself to the camera, taking off her fake eyelashes, wiping off her drawn-on eyebrows and finally, removing her wig. What is left is a woman, a mother, a sister and a daughter. She shares her efforts to write letters to her children, which they will read on special days throughout their lives after she has left this earth.

The television PSA has aired across 27 major markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC and Houston. Radio, outdoor, digital and social media also supported the campaign. All of which drove to a landing page where people learned how they can support Komen's efforts.


Across all markets, the PSA earned 5,851 airings which equals 45,127,605 impressions and $2,333,143 in donated media. Not a dollar was spent on distributing the PSA, as all placements were in-kind.

A corporate partner pledged $500,000 to Komen to sponsor the campaign, and an additional $240,000 has been raised which is going to fund MBC research.

The campaign received coverage by publications including Forbes, AdWeek and AdAge as well as several medical-focused publications.


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Dalton Agency, Susan G. Komen®


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