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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

TicToc by Bloomberg

Winner in Live News Coverage, Twitter Video

Audience Honor in Twitter Presence


TicToc by Bloomberg is the first and only global news network built for Twitter. TicToc provides 24/7 live streaming coverage of breaking news, live events, top stories and trending general interest news around the globe. TicToc is powered by Bloomberg's 2,700 journalists and analysts in 120 countries, delivering 24/7 news. TicToc delivers a fast, verified and interactive news experience for the next generation of on-the-go consumers.

The way people consume news is changing. More than ever, people are getting their news from social media, but not all of it is credible. There's a real problem with fake news and unverified content on social platforms, especially on Twitter, and it has become increasingly difficult to navigate and filter what is newsworthy from what is not. Our goal is to cut through the noise and create a curated news stream to help simplify the Twitter experience.

The average person spends less than 2 minutes on Twitter each visit but returns frequently. We built TicToc to fit this growing need for an interactive news experience that updates just as frequently as you check your feed. We work at the speed of Twitter, powered by the vast data and journalistic integrity of Bloomberg, so you are getting news you can trust. Our mission is to bring people Bloomberg verified news on the platform they go most for information: Twitter.

Say goodbye to traditional TV news. This is TicToc by Bloomberg.

Strategy and Execution

We created a 24/7 global live streaming news network built specifically for Twitter. We provide live news updates paired with a stream of curated, verified tweets that provide further context, imagery, commentary and analysis. Our strategy was to completely revolutionize the way people consume news by streaming live video alongside real-time curation of the conversations happening on Twitter, all on a platform that allows users to directly engage with the content.

TicToc is different than your average Twitter account. We have a unique live event page ( where you can watch our stream alongside related tweets from verified journalists, analysts, leaders and experts, all curated by our team of social curators. We monitor the conversation on Twitter and pull in only what is verified, unbiased and informative. You can watch the news on Twitter while simultaneously watching the social conversation unfold.

Our stream is made up of a roundup of the top stories from around the world and updated each hour. We add reporter commentary, analysis from the scene, user engagement, verified tweets and Twitter insights into our stream so you're getting more than just the event. At any given time, our stream can be interrupted with breaking news, a major development or a live event feed, so you're always getting a new experience no matter how many times you tune in each day. Unlike traditional news, we do all this without an anchor. TicToc uses voice, text and visuals to create a much more compelling, made-for-social experience.

Using Bloomberg's massive global resources, TicToc can go live from any event in seconds. Every day, we stream the most important events from around the world, including elections, speeches, sporting events, award shows, rocket launches and political events. We collaborate with thousands of Bloomberg reporters worldwide to provide a truly global perspective. While we stream events, our reporters tweet photos and videos directly from the ground and those tweets appear in our feed, giving users exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the inside.

But what truly differentiates us is that we provide a completely interactive viewing experience. At the core, TicToc is news you can engage with. Gone are the days when you turn on the TV and watch an anchor read from a teleprompter while you sit idly by. Now, you can watch the news and become a part of the coverage. We provide users with countless ways to engage with our stream, including Q&A, trivia, polls, and live chats. We created a special hashtag, #tictocnews, to empower users to share their ideas and opinions around our coverage. Our stream also pulls in data from Twitter itself, highlighting user sentiment, top searches, top tweets, popular hashtags and influencers around a topic. It's a completely unique news experience built for Twitter. By combining short, easily digestible yet substantive news updates with real-time analysis from our news curators, we're literally changing the way outlets report the news.

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TicToc surpassed 100,000 followers in less than a month. We flew past 120K in the first 5 weeks. We're continue to gain between 1,500-2,000 new followers per day. We average 750,000 daily viewers and more than 1 million daily views from around the world. We've earned 100 million impressions since launch.

The most meaningful and exciting result as been user engagement. So many publishers are trying to figure out a video strategy that works for them. Our strategy to publish short, frequent updates as part of a curated news experience is not only generating high views, but also shares, likes, clicks and comments. Matching the timing of our updates with the way people frequent Twitter has allowed us to gain a loyal, engaged following that returns day after day. Lots of publishers stream events and create social video, but the value of TicToc is the real-time verification and curation. We filter the mess for you, consolidating the Twitter experience and giving you a stream of news that is accurate, meaningful and Bloomberg verified.

Our live streams have also begun to surpass the viewership of traditional TV news outlets like CNN and MSNBC. People are turning to us for live coverage that they can engage with and trust. Our interactive State of the Union show drew almost 1 million viewers. Our SpaceX coverage drew 666,000 viewers. Our New Year's Eve coverage reached 2.5 million users. We're reinventing the live broadcast method with a live product for Twitter.


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Bloomberg L.P.


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