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The Good Place

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Bring The Good Place to The Bad Place (The Internet): TV fans no longer follow branded accounts for show-related content, they are creating their own, and as viewers began to binge Season One following critical acclaim and streaming partnerships, we could feel the momentum of fanfare -- it was time to capitalize. Like The Good Place itself, we sought unique ways to build fan affinity and buzz through odd and unexpected social activations and partnerships.

Strategy and Execution

To capitalize on the social fervor, @NBCTheGoodPlace strapped on the bow tie and assumed the role of Michael, bringing the show universe to the internet via classic meme formats, an increase of authentic engagements, and upping the oddity in copy and design - raw, human-first, bizarre. We also found unique partnership opportunities with the Jacksonville Jaguars to showcase storylines IRL through social, and worked with the show creator, writers and cast to carry this approach through to the fans from every angle.

Meme-Spirited: In the words of Eleanor Shellstrop, we're a bunch of messy benches that live for the drama and our favorite social pastime is to get down and dirty in meme culture. We were constantly on the prowl for opportunities to tie the show to social conversation to keep fans laughing - from the Trolley Problem to Bella Hadid.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Mimicking the ongoing gag of Jason Mendoza's love for Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars, The Good Place twitter account followed only @Jacksonville and @BlakeBortles, and fans took noticeā€¦ including The Jacksonville Jaguars themselves. The team, having an unlikely playoff run, slid into @NBCTheGoodPlace's DMs inviting Manny Jacinto to the next playoff game and we capitalized, sending him and Jason Mendoza writer Joe Mande to the game, capturing content and cheering the team to victory. The partnership continued to unfold throughout the playoffs with both the team and the show actively supporting one another with graphics and video compilations that garnered press coverage from ESPN and others.

Reddit: Launched one of the first official show profiles to act as an insider for the already prolific /r/thegoodplace subreddit. We kicked off our presence with an AMA with show creator Mike Schur and have since dropped insider info and sparked new fan conversation.

Torture! We never rest when it comes to toying with our fans, not even during hiatus, where we released a series of live and pre-recorded torture videos of extremely unsatisfying actions such as cutting a cake incorrectly, or coloring outside the lines to drive fans mad.

Talent Participation: With a social producer on set through Season 2 production, we were able to capture an embarrassment of content for The Good Place social channels while also heavily activating from talent social handles. Content included set tours, live video chats, Reddit AMAs, Twitter Q&As and meme content.



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NBC Entertainment Marketing & Digital, Digital Media Management


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