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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Stanley Brand “Vices” Campaign

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Stanley Brand is over 100 years old, and an iconic American brand, not so much because of what the brand has done but because of the people who've carried the product for over a century.

As Stanley Brand has grown generation to generation, it's had to evolve to remain relevant. It was once the tool of the blue-collar workman. It then became the icon of the rugged outdoorsman. It's found accidental success among urban trendsetters. And once again the brand is undergoing change to capture the attention of the next generation. That change means reaching a younger guy (25-34) based on the way he lives – busy, motivated, professionally-driven, always looking for new experiences, outdoors, social. This evolved Stanley brand is not so much about inspiring him to be tough and rugged but instead should encourage and celebrate the kinds of experiences he's looking to have with his family and buddies.

Short videos distributed in social channels were geared to increase awareness and drive new users to consider the brand.

Campaign KPIs by objective included the following measures:

Strategy and Execution

Stanley is most famous for keeping your coffee hot in its iconic 1.1Qt bottle, and while they still make that bottle, things have changed. They've now got a huge range of product, and one group of products in particular has begun to stand out as a leading driver of sales for the brand – bottles for your vices. Coffee, beer, booze – whatever you're looking for to help your mood, Stanley has a container for it. One-handed vacuum mugs to keep your coffee piping hot. Vacuum growlers to keep enough beer for you and your buddies ice cold. Vacuum pints that will keep your pour cold for hours, even though you'll drink it in minutes. 40oz cups for your Mega-rita. Flasks and stainless shot glasses when it's time to celebrate with shots. Coolers to keep the beer cold for the hike in.

Keying off this insight, North developed a creative campaign featuring relatable experiences with appeal to Stanley Brand's target audience of M25-34. Video was the primary medium for this creative out of recognition that our audience is more likely to be found across digital, specifically social, channels. In those channels, video has greater stopping power in the feed. So, by focusing on video, North insured a greater likelihood that our guy would actually stop to view content, and more importantly, remember content and act on that impression.

Media flighting was designed to elevate the brand during summer and holiday gathering occasions (4th of July, Thanksgiving) or gift giving times (Father's Day, Christmas). This helped maximize limited budgets by prioritizing times of year when our audience would be more likely to act on creative messaging. Video content was developed according to best practices for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. :30 video delivered first impressions to drive awareness, then shorter cuts (:15 and :06 video) retargeted users to build message frequency and consideration. Where possible, North implemented sequential messaging in social platforms to control the sequence of creative users were exposed to allowing for episodic storytelling and reducing the risk of creative wear out.

Additionally, audience tracking was implemented on Stanley Brand's site to capture audience data for those who visited the site as a result of seeing video ads. This allowed North to build custom audiences in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Custom audiences identified other users on those platforms that looked like Stanley Brand site visitors. In doing so, we were able to expand the reach of the campaign and optimize media toward audiences most likely to act on video ads.


The campaign exceeded all benchmarks for awareness and consideration objectives.

Over-deliveries also helped Stanley Brand achieve campaign reach beyond their budgets equating to an added value of $596K in bonus impressions.

Total Campaign Results


Video for Stanley Brand “Vices” Campaign

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North, STANLEY a brand of PMI


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