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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Spike Presents State of the Art: Tim Goodman

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Inspired by the artists featured on Spike's series Ink Master, many of whom began as illustrators, street artists, and even sculptors, we set out to develop a new multiplatform series that would tap into the passionate and driven fan base that flocks to the show and put a spotlight on more innovative creators making art in other nontraditional ways. Expanding upon the broad redefinition of art established by Ink Master, our new filmic docu-series, "State of the Art" helps to redefine what an artist is and what their canvasses can be by sharing their inspiring stories and introduce the Spike audience to new artists who are as unique as their work.

Strategy and Execution

To launch the "State of the Art" series, we identified New York City-based designer, illustrator, and artist Timothy Goodman as the perfect subject to bring the vision of the series to life. A young, relatable muralist with an inspirational drive, Timothy's work is accessible, recognizable and visually compelling, making it a perfect fit for the hungry and motivated Spike audience. Traveling between gigs around the world, Timothy wasn't easy to pin down, but he graciously invited the "State of the Art" crew to his NYC apartment studio. There, we were able to intimately capture him in his element and get an insiders look to his craft and the uncertain path that got him there.

After cutting his teeth in the corporate world doing graphic design work for major companies, Timothy decided it was time to strike it out on his own and pursue the more personal side of his art. As freelance graphic design jobs led to commissions, installations, books and murals, Timothy traced his amazing evolution for us. With a filmic look through Timothy's craft, his city, and his artistic process, we gave Spike viewers an intimate look at an artist whose work ethic is only matched by his passion—the true driving force behind his art. Jumping between Timothy's smaller work, his in-progress macro format murals and following his work where it exists around the city at large, we were able to show Spike viewers a compelling look at the scale of Timothy's work, and how it lives and breathes between the real world and digital formats. Employing a unique lettering and graphic illustration style to everything he does, from the notebook page to large scale murals and beyond, Timothy showed the audience that the emotion behind the art is just as important as the finished product. Weaving in his personal interview and backstory helped bring an essential emotional and aspirational depth to piece for added resonance with the driven Spike demographic.


An authentic and honest portrayal of a contemporary artist in the digital and modern age, Timothy's compelling story was essential as the inaugural installment of the "State of the Art" franchise. Acting as both a standalone, short form verite-style documentary, as well as a pilot episode for the series, Spike shared Timothy's State of the Art episode across all of its digital and social platforms, with Timothy happily sharing it across his own. Since this launch of "State of the Art", Spike and its partners have continued to spotlight more nontraditional artists, share their unique visions and the stories behind them through the series. Its documentary approach helps viewers see art in a new way and relate to the impassioned artists who are making it, making it the perfect tacit companion to Ink Master.


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