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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

SNHU Students Stand Up

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SNHU is a private, nonprofit, accredited university. Through the use of the Stand Up campaign, we were looking to accomplish three main goals: build awareness and consideration for Southern New Hampshire University, allow our brand to resonate through the creative, and grow our student community through web traffic and general inquiries about SNHU.

Our goal on social media was to repurpose this broadcast spot and optimize it for social. We wanted to show our audiences that celebrating their success of the upmost importance to us, and that there are real students just like them.

Strategy and Execution

To meet our goals, we took a genuine moment from our commencement ceremony and turned it into a spot that showed what our brand is truly all about. Every year, SNHU President Paul LeBlanc begins the ceremony with a unifying request, asking those from different backgrounds to stand up, celebrate, and realize that there are fellow students who are just like them - that they are not alone in their pursuit of higher education. Whether it was a parent, a first-generation college student, a military member and more, this was a moment for SNHU students to feel the empowerment of their accomplishment. The act of standing up and proudly being part of the SNHU community is a moment that deserves to be shared with the world.

These spots (broadcast and digital/social media) are designed to highlight and focus on our students who achieved their goals at graduation. The moments displayed, accompanied by President LeBlanc's speech, ascend to a final line that SNHU can change the whole trajectory of someone's life. That very change is shown in this spot, when all the students stand up.

This intimate moment that has been shared with thousands of graduates over the years needed to be shared with the masses; it is a message of empowerment and tangible achivement for all of those who are considering a degree but feel that it isn't within their reach. It is the perfect moment to showcase our dedication to our students, and our immense pride when they become alumni.


To date, this has been one of SNHU's most successful integrated campaigns. We've seen increased awareness and engagement across all of our social media platforms and on our website from people all over the country. Since the launch of our campaign, there has been an increase of prospective students up 8.4% and 17.8% of all web visitors.

What this campaign truly resulted in was our realization that our students are incredible. They come from all walks of life, overcome unbelievable obstacles, and make us proud every single day. Our students are mothers, fathers, military personnel, first-generation college students, and more. For them, completing a college degree is hardly easy - but it is significant. The comments from students on the Stand Up video prove that our community is full of extraordinary people - and celebrating them is what we're all about. They prove that everyone has a story, everyone has a dream, and that everyone is welcome at SNHU.

As far as social media, we've received a total of 470 total comments, 86,236 impressions (Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram), and 165,623 people reached (Facebook, Instagram). While 470 comments might not seem like an astronomical number, the determination and soul behind those comments continues to keep us coming to work day after day. We've included below some of the many ways our students and alumni, stand up and have welcomed the SNHU community as part of their extended family.


Video for SNHU Students Stand Up

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