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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Schwarzkopf Professional: Forging Bonds

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Schwarzkopf Professional's BLONDME is more than a just a hair color system. BLONDME is a connector and a conduit which evokes emotion with superior and multi-faceted results. It's a product by definition but a catalyst by nature. In 2017, Schwarzkopf Professional asked Social House, Inc. to conceptualize a campaign that would speak to hairstylists and their clients in a meaningful and inspirational way.

THE CHALLENGE: Ignite a long-term conversation around Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME by creating a connection between hairstylists and BLONDME color systems.


#1 - Brand Awareness - Generate awareness via a captivating content narrative designed to create entry points into the BLONDME ecosystem, ultimately forging a long-lasting relationship between hairstylists, their clients, and the brand.

#2 - Consideration - Cultivate consideration by tracking interest and retargeting intelligently on social media.

#3 - Engagement - Acquire new users via amplified engagement tactics designed to generate user-generated content.

Strategy and Execution


The bond of trust between a hairstylist and their clients is not only powerful, it's life changing. It's more than just coloring someone's hair, it's about building and maintaining a connection that is deeper and more honest than some may assume. The #ForgingBonds campaign allowed the audience to discover the inspirational stories of real-life hairstylists as they described the bond they have with their clients, and the products they use to change lives every day.


After researching hairstylists from a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels, we selected a group of 6 hairstylists that we felt had inspiring stories to share. Hairstylists such as Tokyo Styles, Joanna Freeman and Linh Phan, were selected to join us in Los Angeles for a candid and unscripted interview. What happened when we turned on the cameras, brought out a myriad of emotions. From tears to laughter to gratitude, we were able to create a compelling content narrative that would come to resonate with hairstylists everywhere.


PHASE I: Launch the conversation by rolling out an arsenal of original video and static content, optimized to perform by channel. In addition, ignite the conversation by encouraging all 6 hairstylists (1.4M cumulative social footprint) to post branded content throughout the campaign.

PHASE II: Amplify the awareness of BLONDME via a #ForgingBonds contest prompting users to tell us about the bond they have with their clients.

PHASE III: Support further awareness of BLONDME and the Integrated Bonding System Technology via product education content.


Throughout the duration of the 6 week campaign we garnered:

a.) 2.3 Million engagements* across brand, talent and distributor social media networks

b.) More than 275K likes, comments, shares and views from 6 hairstylists social channels alone

c.) More than 200 video contest submissions in just 3 weeks (casting for Forging Bonds Part 2)

d.) Drove over 9.6 Million Impressions*

e.) Received over 1.2 Million video views* across social and digital

* Includes organic and paid


Video for Schwarzkopf Professional: Forging Bonds

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SOCIAL HOUSE, INC., Schwarzkopf Professional


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