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3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The final entry deadline is September 20th, 2018.

The 11th Annual Shorty Awards will open for entries on October 22nd, 2018.

From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

SELF Snapchat

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About this entry

Founded in 1979, SELF has been a leading authority in health and wellness for nearly four decades. In March 2017, SELF launched on Snapchat Discover, introducing a highly engaged young audience to our brand for the first time. We launched on Snapchat with the goal of providing readers with wellness information that is trustworthy, nonjudgmental, inclusive, and entertaining.

Our dedicated Snapchat team of editors, designers, and animators produce three editions per week, highlighting the best content from SELF as well as original pieces written for the platform. We uphold our brand standards by working closely with our editorial, research, and copy editing teams to ensure all content is accurate, expert-driven, and furthers SELF's overall mission to help people feel better.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Think of SELF on Snapchat as your older sister who's in med school. She genuinely wants to help people feel good. She cares a lot about sharing factual information—because it isn't helpful if it isn't true—but she does so in a tone that's caring, non-judgmental, inclusive, and even a little goofy (see: all the puns). Nothing is TMI. She is always game to talk about those questions you type into Google but are too nervous to ask your doctor. (Why do your boobs hurt during your period? Are your eyes red from staring at your screen for too long or is it something more serious?)

In the nearly 100 Snapchat editions SELF published in 2017, we covered a wide range of wellness topics. Here are the most popular:

1. Health

Specifically health conditions, women's health, sexual health, mental health, and self-care

2. Fitness

Workouts, exercise moves, exercise science, and real people's relationship with fitness and exercise

3. Beauty

Self-expression, how to feel good in your skin, healthy beauty, and body positivity

4. Healthy Eating

Practical tips, healthy eating philosophy, real people's experiences with healthy eating and food, nutrition science, and recipes

5. Love and Relationships

How to have healthy relationships with your friends, family, and romantic partners

Ultimately, everything we publish on Snapchat comes down to one simple principle: SELF is wellness you can trust.


Snapchat has been an incredible growth platform for SELF. We reach a highly engaged, young adult audience (averaging more than 8 million monthly uniques), which nearly doubles our brand's overall reach. Just as powerful as metrics is the feedback we receive from readers. In a recent poll, we asked our Snapchat audience what they like about SELF. Here are two examples of what they said: Virginia C., 22: "There's always an article I didn't know I needed! And nothing is off limits which is important AND empowering." Cait J., 19: "You talk realistically and honestly about issues that most women experience but are afraid to ask questions about. You also include doctors' advice about medical issues which is super helpful for those who are afraid to ask or are unable to."


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