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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

@PUMAPerformance Instagram Rebrand

Finalist in Instagram Video


As PUMA's Running & Training business unit transitioned to a new creative direction, PUMA needed a rebranded Instagram account, merging @PUMARunning and @PUMATraining, while simultaneously demonstrating PUMA's position as the most self-expressive and stylish performance brand.

In launching the new account, @PUMAPerformance, we needed to tap into our audience of the Performer – a group that is as committed to their wide array of interests outside of the gym as they are in it, and has an incredibly tight bullsh*t filter. And while we wanted to make an impact on the launch of @PUMAPerformance, almost equally we needed to set ourselves up for the sustained success of a new creative direction as it lives on Instagram.

Strategy and Execution

The launch and its accompanying campaign were born out of a key insight: our audience truly lives a 24/7 lifestyle. Much the same way they're always engaged on social, they are always perfecting their craft in something: music, art, athletics, the list goes on. We needed to bring this to the forefront of our creative, and use it as the driving force behind the new account.

The approach was simple: let's literally show the 24/7 lives of our world-class roster of ambassadors. Our new direction allowed us expand our horizons in terms of partners – where we previously were restricted to traditional runners and trainers, for @PUMAPerformance we expanded the space in which we play to really showcase the versatility of our PUMA gear, partnering with an F1 driver, a dancer, a basketball player, and even a traceur.

As in-feed video, we showcased our ambassadors in their element – in the gym, on the court, or actually flipping through the air - taking a more polished approach to establish the new Running & Training creative for social. Simultaneously, we launched 24/7 Instagram Stories, where our ambassadors personally took us throughout their day, providing an intimate level of access and insight into their work, training, and style. Contrasting with our in-feed assets, the Stories allowed for a more raw and unfiltered look at the 24/7 hustle of our partners.

Both styles of assets have set us up for continued content series and approaches as we continue to establish the new Running & Training creative direction on social, allowing us to scale our partnerships in the new year.


While our main goal was to showcase our new content direction, we were incredibly happy with the overall campaign results: 6.4MM uniques reached, 2.9MM views and a following increase of 14k over the 9 day main campaign.

Most importantly for us, we leveraged the new creative direction of the business unit to set up long-term success of the new Instagram account, using top-notch creative pillars that allow our world-class product to speak for itself.


Video for @PUMAPerformance Instagram Rebrand

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Indigo Social, PUMA


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