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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Plum Organics

Gold Honor in Family & Parenting

About this entry

Hot on the heels of Plum's 2015 Parenting Unfiltered campaign, where we successfully catalyzed and nurtured conversations around what real parenting looks like, we returned in 2017 to re-engage fans and parents alike to tackle more taboo subjects and celebrate the realities of parenting. The goal was to deliver Plum Organics as a brand made for parents, by parents, that truly understands the challenges, celebrates all the imperfections, and tries to make life a little easier. It's all part of being on #TeamParent.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

To build upon the existing unfiltered conversation with a purpose, we set to work creating an evergreen series of videos that showcased everyday challenges parents face while raising kids and how Plum Organics can help in those all too real moments. "Texting While Parenting" showed texting conversations between co-parents in relatable (and often uncomfortable) parenting situations. For instance, it's a pretty common conversation between parents to discuss how to get the little one to 💩💩.

Never afraid to tackle taboo subjects, we created "Do Your Part(ner)." Grounded in the expertise of international renowned relationship therapist Esther Perel, Do Your Part(ner) was a call to action for parents to not forget about, well, how they became parents in the first place. This wasn't the only time we tackled the subject of S.E.X. As a team of parents themselves, Plum recognizes that it's not easy to talk about this stuff, but by being open and sharing experiences, we can empower millennial parents through the difficulties of parenthood and intimacy. After asking parents, Plum learned that 88% of them agree that sex and intimacy is essential to a happy and healthy family, but half skip sex on busy days.

In response to this insight, we launched with an impactful video starring Katie Aselton as our spokesperson driving people to a dedicated website encouraging parents to complete our interactive questionnaire to take the pledge and identify the best way to Do Your Part(ner). Activated through a smart paid social media campaign and supported with a series of owned content, media partnerships and influencers, the call for action was heard loud and clear among our empowered parenting community.

But we didn't stop there. From organic ingredients and unique flavor combinations, to the products that help people parent better, Plum Organics' mission in life is to make the lives easier. As a team of parents who've been there, we get it.

When you're on #TeamParent, Plum knows everyday provides a new challenge so we made sure our unfiltered tone was woven throughout all content created for product launches for Baby Bowls and Mighty Colors. When launching our innovative take on Baby Bowls, designed with that first feeding moment in mind, we celebrated the messy, anxious and unique rituals we all have in the art of feeding baby. For the Mighty Colors launch, Plum wanted to drive in-store purchase, so the campaign placed our pouches on the store shelf. Inspired by the character design on the new see-through pouch window and the popular comedic series, "Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy," each of our pouches would come alive at night to share a humorous soliloquy tied to parenting or the ingredients inside the pouch.

Through our everyday, always on content posted to owned social channels or content partnerships, we stayed true to our #TeamParent message by celebrating Plum's signature unfiltered parenting conversation. Fans were appreciative of the honest transparency from the brand, and eager to engage with relatable, humorous content.


Fans were appreciative of the honest transparency from the brand, and eager to engage with relatable, humorous content. The unfiltered tone was woven throughout all our content throughout the year, demonstrating that Plum Organics is a brand that gets it.


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Something Massive, Plum Organics