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Pink Lily's goal was to increase revenue compared to 2016 Black Friday sales, while simultaneously increasing followers across Facebook and Instagram. They wanted to reach a broader audience, bring more awareness to their brand and increase customer retention.

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Pink Lily's strategy for the PLB BLACKOUT campaign was to build anticipation for Black Friday through the use of countdowns, slowly posting details before the sale went live. They also focused on building a brand guide for the campaign, featuring consistent imagery, fonts, and style - these graphics were used in emails, as web banners and on social media.

Key elements of their full strategic plan, included:

> Reaching out to over 75 influencers on Instagram and coordinating for them to all promote #PLBBLACKOUT on the day that the campaign went live (Black Friday)

> Building the entire campaign around the hashtag #PLBBLACKOUT, creating viral buzz while encouraging customers to use this hashtag on their own social media accounts to be eligible to win giveaways

> Engaging with customers throughout the day by hosting live videos, contests, and giving away exclusive coupon codes to make Black Friday with Pink Lily an experience consumers did not want to miss


The Pink Lily Boutique achieved the following results:

> 2017 Black Friday sales for the brand were up 53% compared to 2016

> During the #PLBBLACKOUT campaign they had a record number of orders, totaling 8,707

> Their conversion rate was up from an average of 3.5% to 11.76%

> They had over 74,000 visitors to their site during the campaign

> Their Facebook and Instagram platforms saw a significant increase in followers



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This campaign was spearheaded by the Pink Lily Boutique with support from Coalition Technologies and Lexington Public Relations, The Pink Lily Boutique


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