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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Mashable on Snapchat Discover

Finalist in Snapchat Presence


Mashable's Snapchat Discover channel is the platform's premier destination for dedicated tech coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mashable's signature expertise is delivered with energy and enthusiasm, resulting in forward-facing stories that reveal what's next when it comes to the technology that shapes our lives. We're also the go-to source for unique, need-to-know details and insights. Tech is fun. Mashable knows it.

Mashable targets a passionate Snapchat audience whose lives are routed through smartphones and social media. We are obsessed with these means of digital living, and this is reflected in spirited storytelling that is as entertaining as it is attention-grabbing.

Our Snapchat Discover content is tailored for both tech-obsessives and casual readers alike; even our most in-depth coverage uses accessible, bottom-line language that any reader, no matter what age or background, can understand and enjoy.

We produce an international edition plus a custom edition for the UK, and we approach every story with a global audience in mind.

Strategy and Execution

Mashable's Snapchat Discover focuses on digital life and the tools for lives lived online. We obsessively detail every aspect of mobile lifestyle, upcoming devices, and practical tips that can immediately change how our audience uses their favorite gadgets.

In general, Discover stories can be comprised of any number of 10-second "top snaps," each of which can swipe into a full article, video, or interactive poll. Typically, Mashable's Discover is 14 snaps long and focused almost entirely on top snaps without swipe-up content—which drives up engagement metrics and helps propel readers through entire stories without getting lost in a sea of text.

We mix up editorially-focused snaps, comprised of news or features content, with fun interstitials — "find the emoji," pop quizzes, and "emoji horoscopes" — to keep readers engaged. The overall effect is like an interactive magazine, with eye-popping effects or surprising information on every page.

Our approach means we're able to tell enthralling stories about serious topics (how cobalt makes it from Africa into your iPhone, say) or go a little bit sillier (a color scientist reveals what your iPhone hue says about your personality). But every story feels distinctly Mashable, and readers are hooked.


Mashable is now one of the largest lifestyle brands on Snapchat Discover. Our audience is loyal, with half of them visiting our channel at least 3 out of every 7 days, and many complete the entire edition. Our subscriber base is over 12 million, having nearly doubled over the past 12 months.

Mashable's Discover stories have a major impact on the tech industry. Our "App of the Day" selections often trend immediately in the iOS App Store. And we crashed Emojipedia's "Botmoji" Twitter account just from telling our users to check it out.

Our cross-platform content strategy centers on purpose-built storytelling across a dozen platforms — including Snapchat, Facebook Watch, Twitter and on-site. By targeting audiences where they exist, Mashable's overall monthly audience has increased by 400% year over year.


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