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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Make It Right, Swear Like a Mother

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As parents, you have one job: take care of your kids. But that's a pretty big job. And sadly, but not surprisingly, no parent is perfect.

Kraft Mac & Cheese – the perennial kid favorite – needed to double-down on being parents' ally. Show parents they're not alone. Normalize 'parent fails' as anything but failures. Because parents are fundamentally well-intentioned. That's why there's Kraft Mac & Cheese. It's a guaranteed win that can make things right when things go wrong.

Strategy and Execution

Kraft launched a new campaign called Make It Right, that celebrated the honest truth that as hard as they try, parents aren't perfect.

The centerpiece was a Mother's Day activation called "Swear Like a Mother," celebrating the 74% of moms who admit to swearing in front of their kids. Kraft enlisted swearing expert Melissa Mohr Ph.D. to suggest alterna-swears for moms to try when the going gets tough. They also offered custom Mac & Cheese cards to thank mom for her foul-mouthed imperfection.


In just nine days, Swear Like a Mother amassed over 4 and a half million views, 70 million social impressions, and inspired over 769,000 likes, comments and retweets. All in all, it generated over 387 million impressions worldwide.


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