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Karma Solar Eclipse One Day Commercial

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Karma wanted to match the extraordinary nature of the 2017 solar eclipse with a piece of contnet that was just as breathtaking. In doing so, the team set out to produce a TV commercial from the "path of totality" and turn it around in less than 24 hours. Shooting in 8K, the team placed cameras and cars at 3 different locations across the country in the path of the eclipse and captured this incredible natural phenomenon that is represented by the brands logo in a way that was both beautiful and awe-inspiring, ultimately uploading, editing and finalizing a commercial that celebrated the moment and aligned the brand with it in a tasteful and beautiful way.

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Karma's logo is a solar eclipse, representing a rare and extraordinary experience, which aligns perfectly with the car our company produces. The appreciation of nature, art and extraordinary experiences is one of our major brand pillars, so the 2017 solar eclipse presented a perfect opporutnity to produce a piece of content that celebrated this natural phenomenon with an artistic interpretation of the expeirence. On top of creating this piece of art, we sought to do it in less than 24 hours to capitalize on the timelinenss of the event and provide viewers with an outstanding recap of the event from our unique perspective. Karma Automotive and our creative agency, Go Co., deployed 3 different production teams across the country to capture the eclipse from the "path of totality" as it played out over the continental U.S. and captured, edited and finalized a TV commercial in less than 24 hours that lived on our social properties and pushed fans to a branded experience on our website that perfectly articulated why we were celebrating this moment. We are extremely proud of the finished product and believe it provides a truly unique and inspiring look at this incredible moment in time that aligns perfectly with our brand.


The commercial ended up racking up over 1.2 million views across our social channels, including a spike of over 40,000 website visits over a 2-day period to our eclipse landing page.


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Karma Automotive


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