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From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

@InkMaster Instagram

Entered in Instagram Presence

About this entry

Our objective is to use Instagram, the tattoo community's main platform, to showcase the art from our show and to expand our audience. We aim to bring Ink Master fans, art enthusiasts and tattoo lovers together in one space. We want to not only highlight the beautiful tattoos from our show and our artists, but also foster conversation and give a voice to every member of our community. Our goal is not to make our community feel like they are observers as they are when they watch TV, but participants.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

@InkMaster exists not just to service and promote the show of the same title, but to extend what is seen on the TV screen to a conversation for and between fans. Our strategy is very simple - service our fans in every way possible. To do that, we must be fans ourselves and be immersed in the tattoo and art communities.

When there is a tough elimination, @InkMaster is there for fans to ask for their opinions. When there is a stunning "Tattoo of the Day", fans can expect to see it on @InkMaster. When two artists collaborate on a piece at their own shop, completely separate from the show, @InkMaster will make sure the entire community gets the chance to see it. And in the unfortunate case that an artist loses their fight to cancer, @InkMaster creates a forum for the tattoo community to mourn that artist and celebrate his life.

@InkMaster is also the best place for fans to connect with tattoo artists. We host social activations on a weekly basis centered around our show talent. Most Tuesdays fans can tune-in to @InkMaster's live videos, hosted by new artists each week. The artists discuss the show, answer fan questions and share their experiences as artists. It is rare for fans to be able to connect with artists and TV stars on such a personal level.

Our aim of the @InkMaster handle, which mirrors that of Ink Master the show, is to elevate how tattoos are perceived. Tattoos are art. Tattooers are artists. Those being tattooed are canvases with the most important role in the process. Because of this, such a variety of individuals with a variety of passions can find interest in our content. We invite you to join us.


The results are all in the numbers. Over the past 2.5 years @InkMaster has grown its following by 1000%.

Over 2017 alone:

- 3.3 million likes and 49k comments on page posts

- 93 million total impressions across all posts and profile

- 16.5k average reach per post

- 128% follower increase in 2018 (458k start of year, 587k end of year. 620k currently.)


Produced by

Viacom - SPIKE/Paramount Network


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