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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

How Chambord Reignited Their Brand Through Instagram

Finalist in Instagram Presence


#Foodporn and pretty drinks are a cluttered space on Instagram. For Chambord, a French raspberry liqueur that makes every cocktail even more magnifique, we needed to find a way to stand out in consumers' feeds. Without a media budget, we needed to find a way to break through, educate our audience on how and when they could use Chambord, and grow followers through organic tactics, while also capitalizing on Instagram's latest features.

Strategy and Execution

With Instagram becoming the go-to platform used for visual inspo, we saw that Chambord on Instagram needed a social makeover to aspire to our core audience of female millennials. Based on previous insights and data, we saw that our fans are more drawn towards content that highlighted the Chambord cocktails and recipes, along with the Chambord bottle.

Each piece of content had its purpose on the Instagram grid.

Our strategy was three-fold:

- We created and curated compelling content based on actionable data that stood out on our fans' busy feeds. This content was posted during cocktail-worthy moments such as Hump Day, Thirsty Thursday, moments leading into the weekends, cultural moments, and Brunch soirees.

- We treated our Instagram as the home page for our cocktails and an overall consistent visual experience.

- We maintained the brand tone and identity: quirky and whimsical with a Franglish (French/English) twist that inspires every mademoiselle to do as she pleases with Chambord..."Because No Reason."

Each asset applied our social best practice of utilizing vivid color background through a content mix of static and dynamic animations that acted as thumb stoppers on our fans' busy feeds. We included the cocktail recipe in the copy itself to invite fans to treat themselves to a nice cocktail, or as we say in the Chambord tone-of-voice, "Please the mouths and tongues with the Chambord."

We utilized organic tactics, such as utilizing a mix of hashtags for post discoverability, including a call-to-action in the post copy to encourage fans to engage with the content, and 'turn up the sound' on Instagram videos in order to bring people together around Chambord on Instagram.

We also created content utilizing all of Instagram's creativity including Instagram stories, cocktail recipe cards in the carousel format, and we strategically posted content on the Instagram grid so no two colors would be alike for a visual diverse aesthetic.

We created imagery that was not only addicting, but appetizing. Our presence on Instagram elevated the brand to a whole new level through our whimsical persona. While the content speaks for itself, the experience and story we crafted turned an Instagram experience into a real life drink-of-choice.


Our Instagram results were the cherry on top! We saw a growth in brand affinity towards Chambord, with our fans indicating they were trying different cocktail recipes and drinking Chambord at social events (soirees). Our core fan base of millennial mademoiselles reacted well to our content, as seen with a positive brand sentiment of 53% towards our Instagram posts (a 13% increase from the previous year). We also saw a growth of 25% increase in fans since implementing our strategy. Très magnifique!


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Mistress, Brown-Forman


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