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DEW-S-A Integrated Campaign

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In a world where social media has become a cluttered marketplace, we partnered with Mountain Dew to integrate old school marketing techniques with new school platforms— harvesting a specific social insight into consumer participation and sales.

Through social listening, the brand discovered that DEW loyalists aged 18-34 (aka DewNation) loved to mix different flavors of Dew—especially Code Red, White Out and Voltage, flavors that happened to be red, white and blue. So when Mountain Dew decided to bottle all three flavors into limited edition DEW-S-A for the summer, we were tasked with getting DewNation excited about it. So we moved quickly to get one of their idols, Dale Earnhardt Jr. to help us transform the modern consumer purchase journey into one so memorable, that fans were willing to wait hours to participate.

Strategy and Execution

DEW-S-A's combination of three flavors in one bottle inspired our tongue in cheek strategic positioning of labeling it as an incredibly valuable, 3-in-1 product. Which in turn, led to our creative execution of a perfectly imperfect infomercial featuring Dale Jr., complete with an actual 1800 number to order product and hear humorous anecdotes from Dale. They even could listen to the sound of Dale guzzling a DEW-S-A himself or leave him a personalized voicemail. And to create even more brand affinity and attachment to DEW-S-A, we were sure to have Dale Jr. clearly state in our infomercial that the members of DewNation were the true masterminds behind this patriotic concoction.

Since the inspiration behind DEW-S-A was discovered on social, that's where we launched our infomercial and content series— using Facebook and Twitter to leverage existing conversations and reach the most relevant audience. We were able to keep the momentum going from our infomercial by utilizing the assets to also create a blooper reel and multiple cut down videos. We even created 20+ unique reaction gifs to use for community management—creating a more valuable engagement with fans. Our integrated campaign was also brought to life on broadcast, airing on Fox during a NASCAR race, and in true infomercial fashion, looped on late night TV in local, targeted markets.


Our combination of modern media (social) and old school CTA (calling) made for a unique, playful brand experience, leading to 25,000+ calls and 61 voicemails for Dale. The demand was so high, people waited on the phone for hours to order product and we ran out of our inventory in less than a week. Ultimately, our 20.2MM impressions, 2.3MM views, and over 217k engagements on social exceeded benchmarks and created so much love for DEW-S-A, people even demanded DEW-S-A branded t-shirts! Which in turn, we sold on Amazon- creating even more more profit for the brand.


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VaynerMedia, Mountain Dew

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