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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Cultural Capital

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Cultural Capital (Nasdaq's first original series) launched in an effort to highlight office culture at the word's most innovative companies. Our host Susie Castillo introduces you to the leaders of tomorrow as they show you around the places in which they work, play and thrive. Most importantly, you will meet the people that produce their most valuable asset - their cultural capital. Our primary objectives are to raise brand awareness, encourage engagement, and build community.

Strategy and Execution

For each episode, we wanted to create high engagement and participation from our audience. We used the following tactics and strategies in order to maximize these efforts.

Highlight job recruitment: Social managers from each company featured on each episode replied to fans with direct links on how to apply to the company.

An engaged host: We worked closely with the host of the show, Suzie Castillo, and her personal accounts to constantly engage with the audience and share show updates from her own accounts, the show account and Nasdaq brand accounts.

A direct call to engage & follow: At each location, Susie spoke directly into the camera and asked the audience engaging questions. We also included a graphic to re-enforce the call to follow people.

Snackable content: Episodes were broken down into digestible social bites for consumption. This included videos, photos and motivational quotes drawn from the episode show and highlights from interviews. We also created excitement for episodes with behind the scenes content and custom messages crafted by the host Susie Castillo.

Strategic sharing to increase content reach: As soon as the episode was live on Facebook, we distributed the link across all global branded Nasdaq accounts, the host's social accounts, and featured company accounts. We also shared the links into various Facebook groups in order to further reach audiences.


The engagement around each episode was a testament to the quality of the work. Fans of the show would inquire about how to work at the various companies featured in each episode. Then social managers on behalf of the brands would reply with direct links on how to apply. The social managers also showed off their brand voice by engaging in the comments from the brand pages. The companies featured in the show also now use the video for recruiting new talent. Each episode of Season 1 averaged about 600,000 views.


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