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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Passion to Care

Audience Honor in Storytelling


Across the healthcare industry, content is roughly the same: Talking head, medical backdrop, b-roll cutaway, repeat. CTCA set out to change that with a campaign telling its story as an empathetic medical institution designed to put its patients' needs first. To break through in a crowded healthcare space, the content would need to be highly emotional, striking a chord with our audience, which included patients, prospective patients and caregivers, and inspire them to fight their cancer with CTCA. The campaign, entitled Passion to Care, tapped into the stories of those on the frontlines at CTCA – our physicians. Our objectives were threefold:

Strategy and Execution

After culling through hours of interviews with dozens of CTCA's doctors across the country, we uncovered a common through-line: Many of our physicians' passion for cancer care was driven from personal experiences early on in their lives. We focused our storyline on this commonality, and in particular, there were three stories that beautifully brought this compassion to life:

These stories would become the bedrock of our Passion to Care content series.

While these stories would no doubt be powerful, we would still need to devise a way to efficiently deliver them via social media to our audience, and so we developed a phased media approach. The initial phase was designed to pique broad interest, and then as the campaign progressed, more refined audiences were able to dive deeper into our doctor's stories and specialties, thereby learning more about CTCA. To transport our audiences through these phases, we utilized various social media storytelling mechanisms, including:


When Passion to Care launched in June 2017, we immediately knew we had something extraordinary on our hands. Beyond telling beautiful, emotional stories that broke the mold of the healthcare industry, we were able to very strategically achieve, and in many cases exceed, our objectives:


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Cancer Treatment Centers of America & Golin


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