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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Trust Is Everything

Finalist in Finance Apps

Entered in Financial Services


Our team had two significant objectives: to help customers better understand how to improve their credit and finances with Credit Sesame's tools and mobile app, plus to build trust with our audience.

A crucial element of improving your credit and finances is education. If you don't understand your situation, you won't know what moves to make in order to improve it.

Because credit and finances can have a lot of gray areas, bringing up your credit score is not intuitive or straightforward for consumers. We wanted to help people understand their situation by giving them the education, and the tools, they need to succeed. We also wanted our customers to trust us, to build an ongoing relationship with them, and to ensure they believe that we're here to help them.

Strategy and Execution

As part of our initiative to help customers better understand their situation, we created easy, digestible ways to learn more about credit and finances through our social channels, including videos on Facebook Live and Instagram.

We implemented quick how-to videos that showcase how to use our app, and partnered with personal finance influencers to help spread the word and strengthen our brand awareness.

Campaigns were created and released on our social channels, specifically Facebook and Instagram. We worked with our influencers to create videos and Instagram stories to make the credit tips easy to understand and consume. For example, we broke down the "Snowball/Avalanche/Snowflake" debt methods (see via the Facebook video) and also have a series breaking down various investment options.


As a result, our videos have been shared by reputable financial edu organizations. We've also experienced increased engagement by 120% on our Facebook!


Video for Trust Is Everything

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Credit Sesame with Socialite Agency


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