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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

COMBOnation - Wendy's T-Rex Burger

Entered in Facebook Video


The goal of "COMBOnation" is to entertain viewers while uncovering the hidden world of secret menu items. Every day, millions of Americans eat fast food, but only a small percentage of them realize that there are meal options not listed on the menu. While reviewing food is not a new genre for digital video, Rated Red offers a unique spin. By incorporating props and providing perspective from two wildly different reviewers, Rated Red is able to make "COMBOnation" unique and fun.

Strategy and Execution

"COMBOnation" differentiates itself from competitors by upping its production techniques. By using multiple cameras as opposed to one, we effectively made the viewers a part of the experience. The use of various shot angles also allowed us to provide more depth to the piece.

Props and costumes also play a part in making this unique. Our fun is inclusive, draws people in and allows them to be a part of the joke--not the butt of. Solid production value and simple, straightforward concepts make a piece of content more digestible and accessible for our audience. Aiming to make the best fast-food review video with the unique Rated Red voice paid off given the tremendous success of this episode.


This episode of "COMBOnation" received over 29 million views, 133K likes and over 260K shares on Facebook, which illustrate its entertainment and engagement value. It not only started a conversation, but drove people to try to find T-Rex burgers in real life. To garner that viewership and engagement is no easy task, but to encourage viewers to take action speaks to the success of the video and the voice of the brand.


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Rated Red


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