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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Cisco AMC Collaboration Program

Entered in Facebook


The Cisco AMC Collaboration team was seeking effective and efficient ways to promote the Cisco Collaboration portfolio. Specifically, the team was seeking to drive leads for collaboration products and services through the use of paid media (native display) within social sites.

Strategy and Execution

The traditional approach to driving registrations for products or services using paid media involved display units that directed the audience to templated registration forms on the Eloqua CRM system. This process can have challenges with abandonment rates, increased cost per registration and lower conversion to leads. The AMC team was seeking a way to improve engagement and conversion metrics while reducing the cost of acquiring new opportunities for the Collaboration portfolio.

The strategy was to partner with Facebook to implement on-platform lead ads, which offered a number of improvements to the traditional approach: stronger targeting capabilities, in-unit registration forms prepopulated with user info and fewer user steps from initial ad exposure to a completed registration form. The units were also designed to improve the experience on mobile devices, as more than 90% of the facebook audience engages with the platform on smart phones.


Significant reduction (35%) in cost-per-registration (CPR), one of the key metrics of the program. The CPR for the Facebook element of the program was the lowest among all of the channels in the campaign, boasting a CPR that was 70% lower than the next closest channel.

The program also generated 529 leads, exponentially more effective than the 45 leads that were driven using traditional data capture methods. The average cost per lead using in-platform data capture was nearly half that of the traditional LP registration form.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Cisco Systems, Inc.

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