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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Best in Social Media: Chase

Finalist in Financial Services


As the most "liked" U.S. bank across social channels, Chase has deployed a multi-layered social strategy to help consumers of varying backgrounds and financial situations make the most of their finances.

Considering Chase has a relationship with 1 of 2 U.S. households, our target audience is of all age ranges, life stages, and money mind-sets. Thus, Chase has deployed a strategic mix of branded content with publishers, influencer marketing, as well as videos, memes and articles promoted by Chase to reach relevant audiences with relevant messages delivered in a manner that suits their consumption preferences.

Not all consumers may fully understand the benefits they unlock with their credit card or bank, so Chase brings the experiences to them – via Facebook live streams of exclusive concerts, behind-the-scenes video content and data-informed series like the "Sapphire Six" – which uses customer spend data to determine top dining locations by city, while highlighting the 3X points on dining benefit of the card.

Through content series like "Kneading Dough" and "NowThis Money" and by tapping meme culture, Chase has taken a new approach to talking about money that is both unconventional, but also "real talk" and relatable – taking the stigma out of the "money talk" and helping people better understand their finances.

Strategy and Execution

Chase's multi-channel social media strategy is focused on helping you "make more of what's yours" through a financial lens – focused on financial empowerment, access and experiences, and innovations that make your life easier to manage.

Financial empowerment: In addition to lifestyle tips and advice on Chase Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, Chase has deployed content series across its social channels that talk about money in new and different ways. Examples include:

Kneading Dough: In partnership with Uninterrupted, Chase removes the stigma of talking about money and spotlights professional athletes and their real money stories about managing a significant inflow of money for both the short and long term

NowThis Money: In partnership with NowThis, Chase deploys financial news, stories and tips in quick, digestible videos across Facebook and Twitter

Savings Diaries: real people documenting their real journeys to save for their real goals

Access and Experiences: to illustrate the consumer benefits of its products, Chase has deployed several strategies to not only raise awareness of Chase Experiences, but to tap cardmember data to help consumers discover new experiences, based on where fellow cardmembers like to go. Examples include:

Eric Clapton X Facebook Live: Chase shared an exclusive live stream of select songs from Eric Clapton's concert at the LA Forum, extending the amazing experience beyond the venue, to the joy of millions of Clapton fans that tuned in

Sapphire Six: Chase tapped anonymized Chase Sapphire Reserve cardmember spend data to see which local eating establishments its in-the-know cardmembers were frequenting. The series has been a hit, now covering numerous cities, and touts the 3X points on dining benefit of the Sapphire Reserve card.


Across payments and money management, Chase uses Instagram Stories, Facebook and Instagram to demonstrate simple tips and tricks – like automating bill pay, using Zelle, using the Chase Mobile app – that make money management…more manageable.

Beyond touting banking innovations, Chase has been first to market in several marketing / social media innovations – especially in the finserv category, with various product features and betas.

Beyond the above, the Chase Social Media team is also tasked with humanizing the brand and driving brand loyalty.

Real-time engagements: where it makes sense for Chase to speak, the social team has been quick with "real-time" quips that have gotten significant traction, including media coverage

oConfirming Issa doesn't work here to Insecure fans

oReading into Taylor Swift lyrics

oShowing Conan our motherly love for our branches

Surprise and delight: the Chase Social team "surprised and delighted" more than 800 customers in 2017 – with everything from customized illustrations for Name Your Car Day, to Rangers tickets, to baby gifts.

All in all, the Chase social media team is tasked with developing strategies that not only deliver on the above, but also drive business objectives across its lines of businesses.


Chase has built an engaged audience of nearly 5 million active followers. Through paid and organic media, Chase social content reaches more than 3 million consumers each day.

Using data-informed creative and fresh approaches to content marketing, Chase social performance over time continues to exceed platform benchmarks, drive considerable brand lift for the Chase brand, and support customer acquisition and deepening goals – especially amongst Chase's target.

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