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AZO Girl Instagram

Entered in Instagram


AZO is a nationally distributed portfolio of products that supports urinary health, relieves the pain suffered from urinary tract infections and remedies the symptoms of yeast infections. To help create differentiation from competitors, AZO looked to increase their awareness on social media, to extend their distinct identity, as well as engage consumers while educating on AZO's role as a pain reliever addressing the discomfort caused by UTIs.

The brand charged The Thomas Collective (TTC) with the following objectives:

-Create and engage Brand Advocates

-Extend reach past current audience to increase awareness

-Drive trial

The brand's target audience is women ages 18–34, with a sweet spot between 21 and 25. With 98% of 18–24-year-olds using social media in any given month, TTC and AZO have been activating Facebook programming with the persona of AZO Girl, a sassy superhero with an accessible voice, to inform and relate to the target audience. AZO Girl's personality was crafted to reflect a strong, confident and straightforward woman who always "has your back" and doesn't shy away from discussing typically embarrassing subjects. Think a mix of Beyoncé-meets-Katniss-meets-Zoe Saldana-meets-Kaley Cuoco. She values her friends, travel, music and making memories, and is always excited to share news about a great deal or offer advice on how to keep urinary/vaginal health issues from getting in the way of the things she loves.

Strategy and Execution

The first step of the strategy was to refine the AZO Girl persona for the Instagram space. The current persona lived only on Facebook and because the two platforms provide different digital experiences for consumers, AZO Girl needed to be tweaked to a carefully designed Instagram version of her personality. The team conducted an audit of top Instagram posts and cross referenced them against AZO Girl's "best hits" on Facebook to determine the sweet spot of content, pulling topics best suited for Instagram's feed. From here the team implemented the following strategies:

-Develop relatable lifestyle campaigns true to the AZO Girl voice

-Create opportunities for education and trial

-Create visual content that speaks to the consumer


TTC created metrics using Facebook engagement as the benchmark.

The results show that the Instagram campaigns successfully engaged the target audience and extended the brand's reach in the social space while exceeding all metrics.

-Engagement goals were set based on current Facebook rates

-Instagram engagement costs were 83% lower than Facebook

-Instagram's engagement rate was 250% higher than Facebook

-Followers grew at a 50% faster rate than anticipated

-Instagram yielded 24% more engagements than Facebook even though the media budget was 200% smaller

-The visual style of Instagram was adapted by the brand and is now used on the brand's website and printed and digital marketing materials


-Create and engage Brand Advocates

-Goal: 4% Engagement rate and Cost per Engagement of $0.22

-Result: 15% Engagement rate and Cost per Engagement $0.03

-Extend reach past current audience to increase awareness

-Goal: 750,000 additional impressions, 2,500% growth in followers, $3.00 CPM

-Result: 940,912 additional impressions, 3,848% growth in followers, $2.92 CPM

-Drive trial

-Goal: Sample 100 Consumers

-Result: Sample 100 Consumers


Entrant Company / Organization Name

The Thomas Collective, i-Health