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The Ritz-Carlton brings its service values to social media

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The Ritz-Carlton is committed to creating indelible memories for its guests and is one of the leading global luxury hospitality brands in no small part by its focus on guest engagement and satisfaction. These core values can be seen and felt at any Ritz-Carlton property around the globe.

Whereas other brands use social media as a method for sharing package deals, or pricing discounts in order to directly drive sales, The Ritz-Carlton has always been focused on social media as an engagement channel. Social platforms are used to provide new and exciting venues to help inspire life's most meaningful journeys. On social media, The Ritz-Carlton wants to inspire amazing travel experiences, and help you relive those great experiences you've already had.

This gives us a very clear objective: to maximize engagement with a global group of luxury travelers. A few key performance indicators we consider are:

In our increasingly digital world, it is not enough to only interact and engage with people when they are at a Ritz-Carlton property. That is why The Ritz-Carlton has so thoroughly embraced social media over the past decade; to extend their service values online and engage with guest and prospective guests no matter where they are, thereby expanding the reach of their signature hospitality past the walls of their properties and connecting with guests around the globe.

Strategy and Execution

In order to create a luxury brand that is truly engaging online, we first had to commit to the idea that social media should not be a transactional medium, but an emotional one.

Therefore, our strategic thinking focused on key pillars such as

Each of these strategic pillars has been put to use across a variety of owned social channels for The Ritz-Carlton. While tactics may vary depending on the platform, our mission remains clear: to connect with and engage a global population of luxury travelers on whatever social platform they like most.

Furthermore, as an extension of The Ritz-Carlton commitment to customer service, we recognize that publishing compelling content is only one half of being an engaging brand. The other half is ensuring that we are attentive and responsive to guest comments and that we engage in meaningful dialogue with current, former, and potential guests around the world through 24/7 community management coverage on social media.

Property teams from around the world submit their best content and stories through a centralized web submission portal. Those submissions are curated, organized, and edited into the industry-leading content that The Ritz-Carlton publish each and every day.

The Ritz-Carlton treats each social platform as a chance to engage with and deepen the brand's connection with consumers and commitment to first-class hospitality. This manifests in different ways and we will give three example platforms below.


The Ritz-Carlton extends their industry leading hospitality and commitment to excellence to their social media presence; allowing social users around the world to receive real-time assistance, share and reminisce on past experiences, plan upcoming adventures, explore different properties online and engage in conversations.


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