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Special Project

Special Project
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WeAreGoFL - "Vacationauts"

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The quest to explore space has inspired countless generations, and this pursuit is still alive and thriving in Florida — America's iconic launch pad to the stars. The desire to break one's earthly bonds is the foundation of WeAreGoFL's new Vacationauts campaign. WeAreGoFL, Space Florida's consumer-facing brand, is looking for the next generation of recreational space explorers — the Vacationauts! Their mission, and our ultimate objective, is to make space a part of their epic Florida vacation. With more launches than ever before, it's never been easier to plan a trip around a rocket launch (or two).

Social media played a significant role in the integrated campaign, where our multi-platform approach aimed to create a sense of community amongst space enthusiasts, increase brand engagement, and drive a higher awareness of the brand and Florida's launch program.

The Vacationauts campaign officially launched September 26, 2016.

Strategy and Execution

The social media efforts outlined below was part of an integrated effort including television, public relations, digital ads and an interactive WeAreGoFL's Vacationauts app, making the Vacationauts campaign the first known global effort to promote space tourism.

Establishing Community

The campaign's central message drove users to join others on an adventure – making space a part of their Florida vacation. This community of like-minded travelers, aimed to inform and entertain those interested in space and STEM in general. While the campaign was promoted across channels, social was the primary hub of engagement between the brand and Vacationaut members.

Part of building the Vacationaut community included taking the efforts offline through influencer outreach and "surprise and delight." We first reached out to various social media influencers who had illustrated an interest in space on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and sent them specially designed "mission kits," including Vacationaut Lunchboxes filled with postcards, pins, patches and other fun promotional materials. To strengthen brand loyalty, we also sent campaign swag to our core community members. With our Vacationaut Lunchboxes finding homes as close as the Space Coast and as far as London, we were able to surprise and delight space enthusiasts with space swag that tapped into 1960's nostalgia, exclusively branded by WeAreGoFL. This outreach combined with the unique creative led to a stronger affinity for the brand, more tagged content, and continued interest and engagement around launches.

Extending Awareness

By participating in relevant Twitter Travel chats, utilizing a small paid content strategy, and offering news and education to our niche audience, we were able to extend brand awareness. Giving influencers the swag-packed gifts provided them with free content to share with their followers, as well as increased the reach of the WeAreGoFL Vacationaut brand to a like-minded audience.

In addition to driving awareness for the brand, we wanted to educate the public that launches are indeed still happening on Florida's Space Coast. By creating and promoting countdown videos, light-hearted GIFs and branded visuals for each launch, we were able to reach both space enthusiasts and visitors to Florida unaware of upcoming rocket launches. We have been able to change perceptions, educate, and build anticipation and excitement around the very active rocket program in Florida; encouraging visitors to add space-related activities to their Florida vacation.

Driving Brand Engagement

To garner engagement, we incorporated educational content, news and third party updates, social-specific videos, reactionary GIFs, shared user content, and Vacationaut/community information.

The WeAreGoFL App also has additional opportunities to engage with the brand through quizzes, check-ins, and polls, all of which offered a chance to obtain new badges. Badges and other app-successes were then shared back on to the user's social channels; further extending our reach and engagement.


Establishing Community

11,200 total fans and followers across platforms across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

- 2,161 fans gained since the campaign launched

- 16.6% increase over previous 100 days

- 463% increase year over year

10 influencers shared Vacationauts campaign swag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat

- Total reach of influencers: 165,987

Extending Awareness

The campaign content was boosted over time using a small, strategic media budget.

5,183,714 paid and organic Impressions across Twitter and Facebook from September – December

- 638% increase over previous 100 days

- 1720% increase year over year

278,474 video views across platforms

- 19% response rate on paid video content

Increased Engagement

#WeAreGoFL was used 1,458 times across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in 2016

21,367 engagements across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from September - December

- 44.8% increase over previous 100 days

- 257% increase year over year


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Paradise Advertising and Marketing, Space Florida


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