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Finalist in Productivity Apps

About this entry

Gartner forecasts that in 2017, demand for mobile apps would outstrip available development capacity five to one. The implications of this gap are already visible. App developers already crunched for time are unable to meet demand for mobile apps. This results in –degradation of quality, lack of understanding, lengthy dev cycle & high costs. Businesses are looking for high quality & cost efficient solutions.

We designed & created the Instappy platform for businesses to gain mobility at fraction of the cost of dev outsourcing or running a development team. Instappy provides Quality, Always-Updated Technology ,Saves Time & Costs, Convenience & Customizable.

Instappy , a cloud-based Rapid Mobile Application Development platform allows businesses to build feature loaded, attractive, customized & fully native applications for iOS and Android instantly with no coding skills needed.Instappy is for every one across industries, it is fully customizable & is loaded with features that equips users with a full set of intuitive features.Instappy is intuitive, innovative, easy-to-use, and does not require any knowledge of coding. Instappy is categorized in 3 types-

Content Apps- Rich media, Video, superior content publishing and designing capabilities, it comes with advanced social media API's, maps and over 50 other features

Shopping Apps- A dedicated retail mobile app with the convenience of purchasing products at fingertips. It provides full independent inventory management, payment gateways, etc

Enterprise Apps - Instappy Enterprise Platform is a simple-to-use platform which is a one-stop-solution to streamline track resources, increase management visibility, and improve efficiency.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Instappy is cloud based Business to business product and is available online. Instappy offers a range of customization options and flexibility, allowing clients to create an app that speaks for their business.

If you can update your social media status then you can build an app. No coding skills needed to build an app. It's easy to use with a web panel , a simple drag and drop interface. Quick upload content options, which are as simple as select and upload while the backend optimizes the content for multi device display. Instappy Wizard is a great tool, which gives a live preview of the app on any device (mobile or tablet) while the app is being created. This tool allows any one creating the app to test the features and the UI of the app on any device and make improvements. This ensures the app is perfect when ready to launch.

We adapted a three-tier architecture to develop feature-rich and highly efficient and Modular Website Application solution as well as a Mobile solution for Instappy. Both the solutions talk to our database via a Web service layer, which in turn interacts with the Database Base layer. The web panel was created using Angular JS framework for the front end. The server is written in PHP and MYSQL. An open source solution of OpenCart is also used for Retail apps inventory management while keeping the frontend custom. The mobile apps are built in native Android and iOS that communicates with our server using HTTP interface via REST based API calls. Some in-built features are

Management features A dashboard to manage Apps, Inventory, Push Notification, payment gateways, etc.

Operational features A list of 'must haves' in the app including analytics, push notifications, feedback engine& more.

Device APIs Offline sync, Audio and Video support, secure key value storage, secure SQLite storage, push notification etc.

Data Security Common security functionality such as encryption, permissions, & secure IPC.

Instappy has a guided interface with which fully native apps can be created in 5 simple steps.

• Sign up, choose a design from a range of rich, intuitive, customizable templates, or create your own template

• Create your content,add text, rich media images, videos, hyperlinks or even add a mobile store and upload your products.

• Test your app using Instappy Wizards on devices for free and make sure it turns out to be perfect.

• Launch your app on Android and or iOS instantly, under your own accounts.

• Market and promote your app and get ready for increased opportunities

Development Process

An agile and scrum based approach was followed, as we can prioritize and get things going faster

Various Management tools like JIRA and Github are used

Extensive Quality Assurance process for all phases was followed


Instappy is a b2b SAAS platform and has many advantages. It is a superior product and no other product in this category offers the features, quality and customization that Instappy does. The customer sentiment reflects this with over 4000 businesses signed up on the platform to create 6128 apps in just 8 months. The Instappy clients are spread over 3 continents and 20 languages. 23 of the top 25 industries adopting mobility are building apps on Instappy.

Development of a mobile app. would cost around INR 0.6 million upwards & development process takes 2-3 months. Instappy subscribers pay a fraction of the cost via a subscription based pay as you go model. Tech upgrades and maintenance are included advantages.Instappy clients have the following key benefits

Instappy improves the quality of development and apps by 5 times as compared to a local developer.

Instappy applications reduce go to market time by as much 80% - 95%.

Instappy applications cost just 15% of the cost a client may spend to create a similar application with a developer.

Instappy has no maintenance costs as compared to heavy maintenance budgets needed in developer applications.

Instappy has no cost of up gradation in case an OS upgrade by iOS or android, in any other platform a new version of the application needs to be created draining budgets.

Less than 5% of the cost of infrastructure as compared to web based solutions.


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