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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Email by EasilyDo

Winner in Productivity Apps

Audience Honor in Productivity Apps

About this entry

Email is the most used app on any phone today. People will spend up to 47,000 hours sending and receiving it over the course of a career; or in 2017, an average of 120 business emails and 105 personal emails per person each day worldwide. Email is simply how we communicate; every one of us.

Using email early on felt innovative, efficient, and more than anything — smart. Over time, the speed and magic of mail gave way to complex features and constant attempts to reinvent the way mail works. Mail apps became sluggish and unreliable. Daily frustrations dealing with email overload and searching for information buried in a mailbox have become routine for users. Mail has become unintelligent.

EasilyDo set out to build an app worthy of the importance that mail holds in our lives, and to make it intelligent. We invested all of our time and incredible resources to create the best mail app for mobile. To make the way we all communicate faster, smarter and easier. So people can save time and get more done.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Our Engineering team invested more than a year of time, resources and talent to develop Email by EasilyDo. They dedicated themselves to the study of email's technical industry standards (for example, IMAP protocol) to obtain a thorough understanding of the areas needing improvement. Their learnings paved the way for their development of an advanced proprietary mail algorithm and detailed engineering architecture that would allow the Email app to deliver a faster and smarter email experience.

Email by EasilyDo is built from the ground up to deliver unparalleled speed, no more tapping in your inbox and waiting for a new message to load! Up-to-the-moment emails pop up lightning fast! No need to relearn a new design, Email delivers a clean and intuitive interface to keep things simple and let you manage all of your accounts in one place. Finally, no worries about misplacing that important mail message, you know, the one you need right now—a state of the art intelligent assistant is built-in to find what you need. Search by keyword, name, and phrase, or access smart folders that automatically house your expenses, shopping, and travel information.

Email is faster, simpler, and smarter than any other mail experience available today. Email ensures you are always moving on to what's next. It's email, the way it should be.

Key Features:


Since launching in May 2016, Email by EasilyDo has consistently ranked #1 among the independent mail apps in the Apple App Store (only direct email providers Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook rank higher). The app has amassed a loyal base of 286,000 daily active users only nine months after launching, along with overwhelmingly positive sentiment across user reviews. Email by EasilyDo is the highest rated mail app on iOS with 4.7 star average on the Apple App Store (Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and Outlook all have 4.3 star or less on average).

The Email app has tracked shipping for over 7 million packages, sent 1 million+ flight notifications (i.e. on-time vs. delayed, gate changes, etc.), and organized over 57 million receipts.

EasilyDo has more than double retention and usage of Email compared to competing mail apps. The high usage has provided EasilyDo's business critical data to hone our AI algorithms for even better performance. These algorithms are also licensed to businesses that are building productivity and travel solutions for consumers, stretching the benefits to users everywhere even further.

Feature media coverage since the launch of Email by EasilyDo has published across online and print channels, reaching an estimated audience of more than 1.6 billion. News outlets worldwide have covered Email by EasilyDo, including top tier press such as:


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EasilyDo, Inc.


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