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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Captain America: Civil Twitter War

Winner in Twitter Video


Disney not only tasked McBeard to participate in the conversation around Captain America: Civil War, but also to create a moment that connects fans directly to the campaign's theme: "Choose Your Team."

Strategy and Execution

At the heart of Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers were forced to choose to stand with Iron Man or Captain America. Twitter's Conversational Ads were the perfect tool to extend that same call-to-action across social.

McBeard created an industry-first activation that tapped into the Captain America fandom. The experience incentivized fans to opt-in, become active ambassadors, and enthusiastically share their allegiance for #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan.

The inherent accessibility, real-time relevance, and global forum for conversation made Twitter the perfect partner for this campaign. It not only allowed Captain America: Civil War fans to connect with their heroes from the film, but enabled others to engage in conversations across the Marvel Universe and beyond; developing into a cultural moment that transcended the film itself.

The campaign encouraged fans to make a statement about themselves, #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan, while leveraging retweet and trending hashtag functionalities to expand awareness beyond Disney and Marvel's core fans –– overcoming the challenge of appealing exclusively to the brand's existing Twitter following. In exchange, we delivered real-time personalized cast videos using Twitter's Auto-Reply capability via IC Group.


We produced the entire activation from ideation to final distribution in 2 weeks. Using Twitter's most popular names, we filmed unique cast responses in 3 categories: personalized by name (800+ videos), broad team-choice replies (100+), and influencer-targeted call outs (100+).

Users who opted into the experience via Twitter's Conversational Ad were sent 1 of the 1,000+ videos produced. At launch, it had an opt-in rate of 83 users per second and scaled to over 437,000 auto-replies in the first 2 weeks. We also saw an increase of 80K Twitter followers and generated 5.3 Million video views.

Above all, this execution contributed to brand penetration that helped lead Captain America: Civil War to become the first film to cross $1B at the box office in 2016-- the ultimate testament to our creative execution.


Video for Captain America: Civil Twitter War

Entrant Company / Organization Name

McBeard, A Fullscreen Brandworks Company, The Walt Disney Studios

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