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Bloomberg's Global Business App

Finalist in Finance Apps

About this entry

Bloomberg is the leading global business media company across every platform and every relevant geography. In December, the company launched a new consumer mobile app to further align with its enhanced digital strategy.

The new Bloomberg app was launched with the objective of providing the most comprehensive access to global business, finance news and market data featuring personalized content that is also dayparted and regionalized. Another primary objective was featuring an enhanced TV presentation that brings the second screen to life, along with a continuous, cross-platform experience.

Users can discover breaking business news, monitor the stock market, or tune in to live TV and radio whenever and wherever they need to. A dayparted start screen enables users to quickly catch up on the most critical headlines from around the world each time the app is opened, personalized for the time zone they're in. A dedicated multimedia section unlocks access to Bloomberg's 24/7 live TV, live radio and more, delivered through a seamless vertical scroller player experience. A dedicated market data section enables users to track and analyze watchlist portfolios and monitor economic movements. Based on viewing patterns and watchlist portfolios, the Bloomberg app provides personalized content recommendations to keep users informed on the latest global business news.

Another goal of the new app was to feature new native advertising formats such as a mini-scroller style ad experience, in order to keep the content central to the user experience.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

We made a deliberate shift in our strategy to create a new app that features a global business news experience instead of a narrower financial offering. What users will find in our new app is a streamlined, modern UX design powered by our industry-leading market-moving news, data, and analysis personalized to meet the needs of global business professionals.


In January, video on demand streams more than doubled relative to the six-month average prior to launch, and we're seeing strong gains in user engagement. Monthly video on demand streams per unique visitor grew +86%. Additionally, the share of our monthly users watching at least one video increased +21%. In January, our first full month live in the app, we added 2K Apple app installs per day on average and added 10K installs in two weeks from Facebook.

Additionally, the more prominent placement of our media in the app's lower navigation has exposed more of our app users to video; the share of our monthly users watching at least one video increased +21%.


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Bloomberg LP


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