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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Azamara Club Cruises

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Azamara, unlike most cruise lines, is centered around both the journey and the destination. Azamara's overall marketing objectives were to increase brand awareness and guest engagement across all social channels, leading to an increase in qualified referrals to and, ultimately, to increase travel aboard Azamara.

Strategy and Execution

In 2016, a strategic social media plan was put in place to further increase brand exposure and to position Azamara as the best — if not the only — cruise line for people who love travel. Azamara Club Cruises' audience is made up of affluent men and women, aged 35+. They are not simply looking for a cruise. They are seeking a unique travel experience. Our target audience enjoys food, wine, and culture.

Azamara's social media plan strove to:

-Expand online awareness of Azamara as a boutique cruise line for those who love travel

-Grow our social media audience with a relevant audience using beautiful photography, compelling copy, and relevant links

-Increase engagement across all social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+

-Turn this social media engagement into an increase in website referrals by strategically including interesting and relevant links in posts

-Accrue booking conversions from social media

Azamara's social content plan was developed through research into its own social media demographics and high-performing content, as well as that of competitors and other luxury brands.The social media plan is hinged on a simple story: Azamara voyages are for those who "love travel." The #LoveTravel hashtag is used in many social posts, across all channels.

Online influencer partnerships, Twitter chat sponsorships and participation, and media partnerships were all carefully selected to help tell this story.

The social media plan was implemented using:

-Stunning travel photography taken by Azamara staff and crew, onboard influencers, and Azamara guests

-Social media posts linking to compelling blog content, destinations, and unique travel experiences

-Real-time updates from cruise captain, crew, and guests

-Custom imagery, customized to each social platform

-Direct online interaction with past, current, and prospective guests, as well as travel fans

-Participation in and sponsorship of Twitter chats themed around cruising, travel, luxury, food, and culture

-Partnerships with respected travel experts and online influencers to authenticate the brand, expand social reach, and introduce the brand to a new, qualified audience

-Promoted posts and social media advertising

-Use of cutting-edge 360-degree video technology to bring the onboard experience and unique destinations to the online world

-Introducing new methods of engaging audiences including enhanced online video, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories

- Highlighting user-generated images and videos both on social media and in an onsite gallery


- Our content has reached over 25 million impressions year to date in 2016 alone

- Our social media followings have increased year over year by:

o Facebook 15%

o Twitter 27%

o Instagram 693%

- Social referrals to the website more than doubled over the previous year

- Social and assisted conversions up 400% over the previous year

- Goal completions had a 355% increase over the previous year


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Azamara Club Cruises