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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards


Finalist in YouTube Presence


AwesomenessTV is the leading entertainment company for the Gen Z audience. To effectively reach our audience, we create content on the platforms they love. Knowing that 88% of Gen Z consumes content daily on YouTube, we have built AwesomenessTV's channel to be the premiere destination for this audience. In addition, we aim to grow our channel by attracting new fans to increase our subscriber base each year.

Strategy and Execution

In order for AwesomenessTV to reach its goals, we have implemented a robust strategy that involves thoughtful programming and strategic marketing initiatives through AwesomenessTV's social media platforms. AwesomenessTV publishes 3 videos a day to YouTube, 7 days per week, 365 days of the year. We produce and publish videos around key dates that our audience cares about including holidays, award shows and series premieres. AwesomenessTV's YouTube channel creates content across a variety of topics including dating advice, DIY crafts, recipes, pop culture news, premium scripted and unscripted series, and more.

YouTube provides the opportunity to pilot shows to see how they perform over three and seven day benchmarks. We then analyze the performance and decide if we should greenlight the entire season. Most recently, we did this with Joffrey Elite, a docuseries that follows a group of dancers as they audition to be in the prestigious Joffrey program. We launched the pilot in November 2015 and green lit the show shortly thereafter once we saw how our audience embraced the first episode. Using a data driven approach allows us to figure out what works for our audience.

In order to connect with our Gen Z audience, we use our various AwesomenessTV owned social media accounts to promote our content wherever they may be scrolling. For 2016, we average 50 million monthly views on our YouTube channel. Each social account serves a different purpose when driving viewership. For instance, since Instagram is visually engaging, we post compelling visuals from our series and films.

We tap into native platform tools including Instagram Stories' ability to deep link and drive traffic to our YouTube page. In addition to AwesomenessTV operated social accounts, we also activate our talent's massive social media presence, with over 175M subscribers. By having talent participate in takeovers of our accounts, participate in Twitter Q&As or post about their videos, we are able to increase viewership. We currently average 120M monthly impressions across AwesomenessTV's owned and operated social media accounts.


As a result of our strategy we reached our subscriber goal in 2016. Our year over year growth increased 40% in subscribers; to date AwesomenessTV's YouTube page has over 4.6 million subscribers and over 1.7 billion lifetime views.


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