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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

100 Layers of Condoms

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About this entry

Youtube is one of the largest online search engines,second only to Google. In order to reach as many people as possible, it's imperative to create video content that will get noticed and is easy to access.

Planned Parenthood creates online sexual health content that's medically accurate, health literate, evidence-based, and engaging to our audiences.In our 100 layers video, we break down complicated health topics in a way that's accurate, understandable, and memorable. By making a video that's polished, conversational, and a little bit silly, we expanded our reach and continued to build a rapport with youths and young adults — creating a fun space to talk about condom use.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

For this video, we capitalized on a meme/trend that was popular at the time: the 100 Layers Challenge. In this challenge, participants compile at least 100 layers of something (nail polish, foundation, etc) and provide commentary throughout the process of layering. It's just as much about sharing the experience of the layering as it is about the final result. It was a great opportunity to join in on the trend using one of our favorite forms of birth control: condoms.

We know that sex education works best when it's welcoming, understandable, and fun. In contrast to the shaming and uncomfortable sex education many people receive, our key strategy is to make our social media platforms a safe place to learn and share experiences.

This video is designed to take the shame out of talking about sex, condoms, and proper condom use. It's conversational and unscripted; the authentic interaction is warm and sincere, and allows viewers to be in the moment with us — and as a result listen more carefully. The educational element also differentiates it from similar 100 Layer Challenge videos, because we provided our viewers with useful health information.


Our 100 layers video was one of our most successful non-promoted videos to date. The average view duration for our video was 1:55 compared to an average view duration of 45 seconds for all of our videos. Audience retention was highest at three points in the video: the sections of the video where proper condom use is discussed (0:11-00:40); the part about using condoms with lube (1:30-1:45); and the big reveal at the end when the condoms are cut (2:48-3:00). This shows that viewers got key information on condoms, and wanted to see the final product of the challenge. The second largest traffic source for our 100 layers video was from Youtube's video suggestions, at 35% of its traffic, compared to an average of 11% on the rest of our videos, meaning our video was more relevant to what Youtube viewers were interested in watching.


Video for 100 Layers of Condoms

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Planned Parenthood Federation of America