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Special Project

Special Project

The Sound of the Stonewall Uprising

Entered in Awareness Campaign, Branded Content, Documentary Short, Gender Equality, LGBTQ+, Nonprofit Partnership, Sound & Music, Video


The Sounds of the Stonewall Uprising aims to capture the essence of what was seen and heard during the historic Stonewall uprising. Music holds a unique power to connect us all, and through this project, we highlight its significance and impact on the LGBTQ+ community. By showcasing the transformative role of music, we celebrate its ability to unite, inspire, and empower.


We envisioned narrating Stonewall's story through its music, emphasizing its profound significance. This set the stage for a unique project.

We partnered with the National Stonewall Monument to refurbish one of the original jukeboxes from the bar, a symbol of the historic venue. Collaborating with Honey Dijon, a renowned DJ and trans icon, added contemporary relevance and a powerful connection to the LGBTQ+ community. Her involvement brought another piece of connective tissue to the historical narrative.

I coordinated with production partners and a photographer to ensure the project's visual and technical quality. Their expertise was instrumental in bringing the story to life through vivid imagery and high-quality production. Key features included the restored jukebox, a curated playlist of Stonewall-era songs selected with Honey Dijon, and visual storytelling through high-quality photographs and videos.

Despite being on medical leave for an invasive surgery, I remained committed, coordinating remotely and ensuring seamless execution. This challenge underscored the project's importance and my dedication to its success.

Ensuring historical accuracy while making the project relevant to contemporary audiences required thorough research and careful selection of music and visual elements. Coordinating between multiple partners required meticulous planning and constant communication, but our shared passion for the project kept us united and focused.

What sets our project apart is the blend of historical reverence and contemporary relevance, creating a bridge between past and present. Through this dedication, we highlighted the enduring significance of Stonewall's music in today's LGBTQ+ community.


The Sounds of Stonewall is significant to me, becuase I'm in the community but especially because I worked on it while battling my own health challenges. This short film immerses viewers in Stonewall like never before, using music to guide them through a kind, exciting, and educational narrative.

Our primary objective was to elevate a crucial piece of New York City queer history and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in a joyful and powerful manner. We achieved this by refurbishing an original jukebox from Stonewall, creating a curated playlist, and collaborating with Honey Dijon, a trans icon. This project not only highlights historical significance but also provides transgender visibility, which was another key goal. It also supports the efforts of the Stonewall National Monument, in a significant way. 

The overwhelming positive response from the queer community underscores our success. Viewers have praised the film for its authenticity, emotional impact, and educational value. By telling a familiar story in a unique way, we provided a fresh perspective that resonated deeply with our audience.

Additionally, the project received media attention and praise, further amplifying its impact and ensuring it reached a wide audience and the inclusion of NYC elements added a local flavor that enriched the overall experience.

In summary, we met our objectives by blending historical reverence with contemporary relevance, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, and providing much-needed visibility. The positive reception and the emotional connection it fostered among viewers are testaments to our success.


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