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Special Project

Special Project

The Saturday Squad: Never Too Old to Make a Difference

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Our Better World (OBW) is the digital storytelling platform of the Singapore International Foundation (SIF). OBW showcases individuals doing good across Asia to inspire people to take action and create a positive impact in the world.

Nestled within the heart of one of Singapore's oldest neighbourhoods is a thriving community where residents aren't just neighbours – they're a lifeline. Senior volunteers, who are integrated in the community, share meals and conversation with seniors, thereby lending emotional support. The story explores the prevalent issue of social isolation among Singapore's ageing population, against the backdrop of a bustling metropolis celebrated for its technological advances and relentless pace.

To generate awareness and support for the Saturday Movement, we produced several content pieces including a film, blog posts and a social media campaign.

The series objectives:


The film follows Ying Hua and Rahim, who embody the dedication of more than 100 of the organisation's volunteers — including seniors themselves — who regularly distribute essential items to some 300 households. Beyond that, we wanted to capture the the heart of the movement. It's not just a community effort aimed at spreading goodwill. Founded by Singaporean Raymond Khoo in 2011, The Saturday Movement is a platform that aims to challenge preconceptions about ageing.

The film intentionally uses a whimsical treatment to create a relatbility and to upend ageist stereotypes. It redefines how we view seniors, portraying them as passionate individuals who actively contribute and remain vital members of society, rather than helpless individuals. The film highlights how these interactions can serve as the "social glue" that combats loneliness and builds a more cohesive society.

Through blog posts, we further distilled senior-related topics including active ageing and loneliness.

We tapped on social media trends to create 'mukbang' inspired posts that captured Raymond Khoo exploring local neighbourhood haunts, thus putting a face to the movement. In our promos, we targeted social media users who like food related stories as well as those who have an interest in stories of good across India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.


Our story drew more than 2.5 million views over a three-week period, while our companion social series achieved a post engagement reach of more than 80 per cent, giving rise to a total of 835 actions taken after watching the video.


Video for The Saturday Squad: Never Too Old to Make a Difference

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Our Better World (Singapore International Foundation)


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