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Special Project

Radio Headspace

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Radio Headspace, the flagship podcast of Headspace, was launched in 2020 to provide listeners with a daily moment of calm and reflection amidst the chaos of everyday life. The podcast aims to help listeners step away from the internal chatter and external noise by offering guided meditations and reflections led by experienced meditation teachers.

The idea behind Radio Headspace is rooted in the broader mission of Headspace, which was founded by former buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe, and Richard Pierson. They both envisioned a way to make mindfulness accessible to everyone, and Radio Headspace continues this mission by delivering daily content that encourages mindfulness and self-awareness.

Each episode of Radio Headspace is designed to help listeners pause, reflect, and consider what brings us together in our shared human experience. The podcast aims to inspire listeners to explore their limitless potential and live a life that best reflects this potential. The episodes feature insights from Headspace's team of mindfulness and meditation experts, along with special guests like John Legend, Malcolm Gladwell, and Roxane Gay, who offer diverse perspectives on mindfulness and well-being.


The genesis of the idea of Radio Headspace stemmed from recognizing a dual audience: those curious about meditation and others seeking an introduction to mindfulness. The project took shape through collaborative brainstorming sessions, often done during bocce ball games (a fun game that can be played socially distanced). At its core, the show prioritized storytelling, aiming to deliver daily doses of mindful reflection to its listeners.

The execution involved meticulous planning to ensure each episode resonated with authenticity and relevance. Key features included engaging nuggets of truth from experienced mindfulness teachers and insightful conversations with notable guests. These elements were crafted to foster a sense of connection and exploration into the human condition.

Throughout its journey, Radio Headspace encountered challenges typical of launching a podcast in a competitive space. Overcoming these hurdles required bolstering the Headspace internal marketing levers and global audience. Building a loyal listener base was a gradual process but was well supported by the millions of Headspace users and fans.



Today, Radio Headspace boasts over 50 million downloads, over 10 million unique listeners, has earned recognition as an Apple essential, and consistently ranks among the world's most popular wellness podcasts. Our listeners are deeply engaged and responsive. Their feedback consistently points to the transformative effect of  integrating our episodes into their mindfulness routines. Radio Headspace’s practical advice and relatable content consistently resonates with a loyal and growing audience. Its unique blend of storytelling, expert guidance, and accessible mindfulness has set it apart in the podcast landscape, making a meaningful impact on listeners seeking daily moments of calm and reflection.


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