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Special Project

Special Project

PikaAI — A Next-Generation Search Engine Powered by AI

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Pika AI is a community-driven search engine that aims to revolutionize how people find information online. Our primary goal is to deliver highly relevant results from top web resources while ensuring user privacy and an ad-free experience. We set out to create a trustworthy platform that provides clear answers and recommendations for deeper insights, prioritizing user needs over commercial interests.


To develop Pika AI, we focused on understanding the frustrations users have with current search engines. We identified key issues like intrusive ads, privacy concerns, and irrelevant search results. Our strategy revolved around creating a clean, intuitive interface powered by advanced AI algorithms that prioritize user privacy and deliver top-notch, relevant content.

We began with extensive UX research, engaging with potential users to gather insights and feedback. This research informed our design and development process, ensuring we addressed real user needs. The interface was crafted to be user-friendly, emphasizing simplicity and ease of use. Key features include a clean layout free from ads and sponsored links, robust privacy controls, and a recommendation system that guides users to deeper insights.

Our development phase involved rigorous testing and iteration. We faced challenges such as ensuring the accuracy of search results while maintaining user privacy. These were addressed through continuous community feedback and refining our algorithms to balance relevance and privacy effectively. The unique aspect of Pika AI is its community-driven approach and its steadfast commitment to user privacy, setting it apart from traditional search engines.

So collaboration and iterative testing were crucial to our process, ensuring we could adapt and improve based on user feedback. By leveraging the latest in AI technology and out experience, we created a platform that not only meets but exceeds user expectations for relevance and privacy.


The platform has successfully met key milestones, such as developing a clean, ad-free interface and implementing robust privacy controls. User testing has shown high satisfaction rates, particularly with the relevance and clarity of search results. Pika AI has also attracted attention for its innovative approach, being featured in industry publications and receiving positive reviews from early adopters. The successful completion of these milestones demonstrates Pika AI's potential to disrupt the search engine market.

For more details, you can visit the Pika AI case study.


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