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Special Project

Special Project

GrandFounders — a Non-profit Investment Fund

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Grand Founders is an economic development and national security foundation that makes impact investments and supports emerging entrepreneurs globally, ensuring a noble legacy for generations to come. The foundation is a non-profit organization based in NYC, fully backed and supervised by Grand Founders Ambassadors. Our primary goal was to revamp their outdated website to align with their mission of creating a positive global impact and fostering a community of socially responsible leaders.


To bring the Grand Founders website to life, we first conducted thorough research on the target audience and analyzed similar sites. We engaged in stakeholder sessions to understand their vision and goals. Our strategy was to blend an old-school brand vibe with modern design elements to create a unique, inviting online presence.

Our design approach included using a magazine-style layout, which provides a sophisticated and timeless look, reflecting the foundation's legacy. We chose san-serif fonts for a clean and modern feel, ensuring readability and accessibility. The color scheme was carefully selected to be calming and professional, reinforcing trust and stability.

A unique feature we incorporated was the moiré effect, a subtle nod to the concept of money and value, enhancing the site's exclusivity and appeal. This effect, along with the overall design, aimed to evoke a sense of belonging to an exclusive, mission-driven community.

During the execution phase, our team at Lazarev, dedicated resources pro bono, reflecting our alignment with the foundation's noble cause. We faced challenges such as balancing the old-school aesthetics with contemporary design standards, ensuring the site was both visually appealing and highly functional. Through iterative testing and continuous feedback from stakeholders, we refined the design and user experience to meet high standards of usability and engagement.

Our approach also involved ensuring the website's structure was simple and organized, allowing visitors to easily navigate and find relevant information about Grand Founders' initiatives and impact. We emphasized storytelling through design, using visuals and content to communicate the foundation's mission and achievements effectively.


The revamped Grand Founders website successfully met its objectives. It now serves as a hub for a community of mission-driven multimillionaires committed to impactful investments and empowering entrepreneurs globally. The site has been praised for its intuitive design and unique aesthetic, which resonates with the foundation's values.

Since the redesign, Grand Founders has seen increased engagement and positive feedback from its community. The updated website effectively communicates their mission and supports their initiatives, including extensive support for Ukraine. The project has also enhanced the foundation’s ability to connect with new supporters and stakeholders, fostering a larger community of socially responsible leaders.

The redesign has facilitated the delivery of over 100,000 meals, medical supplies, and aid to 10,000 Ukrainians, funded 50+ educational and journalistic initiatives, and invested $5M in social causes. This impact underscores the success of our efforts in aligning the website with Grand Founders' mission and goals.


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Lazarev., Grand Founders


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