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Dear Headspace

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Dear Headspace is a Headspace Original call-in podcast where mental health professionals answer pre-recorded questions from listeners all over the world to bring the wisdom of Headspace’s teachers, coaches, and therapists to anyone looking for advice on their mental health, ethical dilemmas, relationships, and beyond. While mental health has been a priority for Headspace since its inception in 2010, recent years have proven how integral mental health is to overall wellness. According to the World Health Organization’s 2022 World Mental Health Report, about 970 million people live with mental health disorders, and over half of those are anxiety and depressive disorders. Recent world events only add to that pressure. COVID-19, wars, natural disasters, financial instability, racial reckonings, and climate change are just a few of the many problems that are adding weight to people’s everyday experiences. While much of this surpasses the realm of our individual control, we at Dear Headspace understand that a healthy mind and safe community have the power to transform lives. What began as a resource to make mindful living more accessible in turbulent times has become a lifeline for listeners. 

Dear Headspace has created a cherished and open space where any question is welcome, going beyond meditation-related inquiries. We cover everyday topics like learning to advocate for oneself as well as more serious and important ones like confronting thoughts of self-harm and hopelessness. This show is much more than a fun pastime, as podcasts often are, it is a haven for those that listen.


We approached creating the podcast with the ambiance of a late-night call-in radio show, drawing inspiration from shows like Delila After Dark and Car Talk, known for engaging listener questions. At the time of its inception, Headspace was a prominent figure in meditation and mindfulness. While we aimed to leverage the expertise of Headspace's meditation leaders, we didn't want to confine our listeners to meditation alone. Our vision was to create a space where no question was off-limits.

Our initial challenge was sourcing high-quality questions for a podcast that didn't yet exist. We reached out to a select group of friends, family, and dedicated Headspace users to gather questions for our first episodes. Fortunately, the response was immediate and deeply personal, setting the foundation for our show: intimacy and community.

As Headspace expanded its offerings and evolved into a comprehensive mental health organization, incorporating coaching and therapy alongside mindfulness techniques, our podcast also adapted. Positioned as an external marketing tool for the organization, it was crucial for our show to reflect this broader scope to listeners. Navigating this transition while maintaining our commitment to our intimate community and aligning with the company's evolving initiatives posed challenges, but our team embraced them to ensure we continue to serve our listeners effectively.

Today, our panel includes Headspace mental health coaches, therapists, and meditation teachers, providing a diverse range of clinical insights. Months of research, vetting, and piloting new voices were invested to ensure seamless integration and commitment to the personal connection that defines our show's unique experience.

Introducing new hosts into our Dear Headspace world has been a deliberate process, allowing ample time for them to bond with existing hosts and listeners. This approach fosters camaraderie and comfort, translating into stronger connections with our audience and more insightful answers to listener questions.

Throughout these changes, we've upheld the integrity of our show, delivering valuable insights to our audience while proudly representing the comprehensive offerings of our parent organization, as any branded podcast should.


Our podcast launched in November 2022, and since then, we've been honored with recognition from prestigious institutions such as the New York Times, the Webby Awards, and the Ambies. While these accolades are gratifying, our greatest achievement lies in the deep trust our community places in us and the impact on our listeners' lives. They courageously share personal stories of life challenges, triumphs, grief, and confusion, forming the heart of our show. 

Messages expressing gratitude for our hosts and the transformative effect of our advice reaffirm the meaningfulness of our work. Furthermore, we take pride in our ability to address issues affecting marginalized communities. For instance, during Pride month, we dedicate an episode to LGBTQ+ issues, resonating deeply with our diverse audience. Additionally, our response to global crises like the Turkey earthquake, and political unrest and violence underscores our commitment to providing solace and support during difficult times.

The continuing impact of 'Dear Headspace' is both humbling and inspiring. Our success is fundamentally rooted in the connections we forge with our listeners, as exemplified by the heartfelt feedback we receive.

Our podcast’s ability to strike a chord with our audience, address important societal issues, and foster a community of trust and support demonstrates the fulfillment of our team’s objectives. The tangible impact on our listeners’ lives is the ultimate measure of our success.


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