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Special Project

Special Project

BOTOX® Cosmetic Grant Program

Entered in Diverse-Owned Businesses Campaign


BOTOX® Cosmetic x IFundWomen Program addresses “The Confidence Gap” with three core objectives:  

Generate awareness among healthcare providers (HCPs), marketers, and patients alike on “The Confidence Gap,” and in turn, the brand. 

This campaign isn’t just lip service. BOTOX® Cosmetic wants consumers to see their steadfast commitment to and overall impact on bridging “The Confidence Gap.” 

Though not to a workplace-specific setting, BOTOX® Cosmetic faces criticism for contributing to depleted confidence. Our goal was to help shift brand perception through purposeful work to help distinguish from competitors.  


This program stems from the published research papers and studies on the topic of “The Confidence Gap,” specifically looking at it through the lens of women entrepreneurs.  


In our research, we found data that shows women feel less assured than men, despite being more educated. Roughly half of women lack confidence in their careers. Women feel less confident than men to start their own business, despite similar levels of education and experience. 


Our team conducted extensive research on the current landscape for women entrepreneurs, and what specifically were the main barriers holding them back. While funding was a critical piece, we also found that mentorship was severely lacking, thus helping to inform the larger program offerings. Through the partnership with IFundWomen, we identified the monetary amount ($25,000) that would have a big enough impact on their businesses to steer them in the right direction and ultimately set them up for success.     


BOTOX® Cosmetic had a clear mission: to bridge “The Confidence Gap.” Our first and largest challenge was to identify a partner who has experience supporting women and can complement our offerings.  
We needed a partner who had a shared mission to support women entrepreneurs, a built-in infrastructure, and expansive network — all to ensure we are impactful in supporting our key demographic.   


The program occurred in three phases: 



We opened applications for women entrepreneurs (6,500 applicants). BOTOX® Cosmetic offered 20 recipients $25,000 each — along with mentorship and coaching. 



The recipients engaged in a 10-week Crowdfunding Accelerator Program to learn from experts in various fields. The intensive coaching program curriculum included important business topics, such as network mapping, content marketing, social media, public relations, and crowdfunding for their business, helping them to further refine and optimize their strategies.  


In addition to the IFundWomen coaches, leaders from BOTOX® Cosmetic joined the coaching staff for the Accelerator Program, which is a first for IFundWomen's partnerships.  



In September, we launched a crowdfunding campaign for each grant recipient, spotlighting their businesses and encouraging consumers to support. 


We continued to boost recipients and their businesses through content. First, we sent grant recipient Erica Cole to share her story on Live with Kelly & Mark. On the show, she (and all other recipients) received an additional $10,000. Plus, we created a custom YouTube series with Drybar founder Alli Webb and four recipients.  


In the first month, we immediately saw a positive shift in consumers’ perspective of the brand: +9% likelihood to receive BOTOX® Cosmetic (+9%), +21% association of BOTOX® Cosmetic with women empowerment (+5% compared to competitors).  


Plus, we saw 73% earned media headline mentions and 704k potential reach from organic social content.  


Hugely positive media coverage also resulted – Forbes ran an exclusive story titled “Botox is Helping Women Change the World Through Their IFundWomen Grant.”  


Video for BOTOX® Cosmetic Grant Program

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Lippe Taylor, BOTOX® Cosmetic