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Turkish Airlines Periscope Flight

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With the understanding "Sky is the limit." Turkish Airlines, one of the greatest airline company in the world, has been raising the level of aviation by the perfect service mentality and innovative approach for years. We aimed to represent this attitude by means of digital media and prepared the first branded live-stream broadcast in the air by Periscope.

We aimed to increase the followers and the interaction rate in Turkish Airline's Periscope page by showing the process of the flights and answering the question that people wonder about the flights. Hereby, we reached 5,118 new followers and 292,779 total likes.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

The aim of the Periscope Flight Project was to present the hospitality and professionalism of Turkish Airlines as well as the innovative side of the company. To show all these three main features of Turkish Airlines, broadcasting the first live-stream flight on Periscope, recently one of the most popular mobile application, was a brilliant idea.

We set two different teams. While the travelling team was doing to broadcast along with the flight crew, the back-up team was operating other mediums such as Twitter, Facebook etc. Correlating all these accounts with the live-stream broadcast of Periscope Flight, we rose the interaction of Turkish Airlines in each digital platform.


The audiences showed a great interest towards the first live-stream broadcast. The total like number was 292,779 while we received 5,118 new followers.

The Crew Garden

Live: 843 viewers, 7,264 likes

Replay: 908 viewers, 7,647 likes

The Preparations of the Crew

Live: 3,969 viewers, 70,737 likes

Replay: 4,499 viewers, 52,385 likes

North Atlantic Airspace

Live: 920 viewers, 11,919 likes

Replay: 826 viewers, 9,050 likes

US Airspace

Live: 2,045 viewers, 30,061 likes

Replay: 4,848 viewers, 33,432 likes

The Crew Rest

Live: 810 viewers, 16,016 likes

Replay: 836 viewers, 18,191 likes

We've Landed

Live: 897 viewers, 10,234 likes

Replay: 2,565 viewers, 12,520 likes

Times Square, NYC

Live: 871 viewers, 8,181 likes

Replay: 485 viewers, 5,148 likes


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Turkish Airlines


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