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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

#CignaRunTogether at #DisneylandHalf Marathon Weekend

Winner in Health & Fitness


Where you run, we run. The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend have become one of Cigna's premier bi-annual events celebrating healthy living. As presenting sponsor of the 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, the communications team was challenged to identify new ways to engage runners and guests in conversations around health improvement while showcasing Cigna's deep commitment to inspiring healthy lives, partnerships and communities.

The primary campaign goal was engagement through social storytelling and online community activation. To do this, the team developed a social influencer strategy - proactive media outreach, multimedia assets including videos and infographics, a multifaceted blogger campaign and interactive social media engagement - to cut through the clutter and reach the runDisney/running community. We also used insights, through social listening analytics, to set new standards for driving tactics and shifting strategy in real time, which allowed the team to alter content and make decisions based on current online conversation.

By making influencer engagement the cornerstone of our social media efforts and utilizing multimedia assets such as video and infographics to convey personal health stories, we set ourselves apart from competitors and took control of the conversation. Most importantly, we identified stories about individuals who overcame challenging obstacles or disabilities to achieve their health goals. Those stories were central to the campaign and to Cigna's overall mission and new brand messaging that inspires an active lifestyle, across all ages and fitness levels to live healthier and more secure lives.

Strategy and Execution

The communications influencer strategy focused on four key areas: to elevate Cigna's visibility, broaden our online audience, generate participant engagement and showcase our commitment to inspiring healthy partnerships among Cigna's customers, employees and the broader runDisney community.

To accomplish this, we leveraged Cigna social media channels and online influencers to build momentum around the company's sponsorship through the following tactics:

What made the team's work unique is the response we received from the online community and the ability to quickly adapt and alter the tactics to capture the moments that mattered – giving a voice to runners and walkers – that demonstrated the power of healthy partnerships. The social team engaged with individuals and conversations from providing encouragement pre-race during training, to a twitter chat and onsite congratulations with a lively conversation and well wishes.

The power of a good strategy was realized not only from the result metrics, but the thank you's and emails received post event asking to get more engaged with what Cigna's doing for the next race. The Blogger Meet-Up has become a staple event that's a "must-get-invited" for many influencers attending the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend or Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna.


BRAND IMPRESSIONS: 4.4+ million impressions from Cigna content shared via communications efforts, for an ROI of $0.03 per impression. In total with organic mentions, this resulted in more than 10 million brand impressions during the three-month campaign. Cigna shared 364 total posts on channels resulting in 18,200+ engagements, 5,200+ link clicks and 67,700+ video views. The team engaged with approximately 86,700 unique individuals.

CIGNA SHARE OF VOICE: Cigna earned a 10% share of voice of the total runDisney conversation. Cigna led all event sponsors in social media activity at a 78% share of voice. Onsite, runDisney social channels promoted or shared Cigna content 5.5 times more often than other sponsors.


VIDEO: 67,700+ video views. Expanded runDisney video library with nine onsite videos (English and Spanish) to showcase runners & Cigna athletes (view playlist), shared training tips (view playlist) and launched a new health coach playlist with five videos (view playlist).


Video for #CignaRunTogether at #DisneylandHalf Marathon Weekend

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