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Special Project

Special Project

Work Vibrantly

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Ergotron has long pioneered design and manufacturing of ergonomic products like sit-stand desks, monitor arms and mobile workstations that help improve employee health and satisfaction within office and healthcare environments. Prior marketing focused primarily at driving mid and lower funnel conversions. While these were efficient, this also limited their scale and ability to reach new audiences. In order to grow, Ergotron needed to bring new buyers into the brand and build demand rather than only continuing to convert users who were already aware of them. As a result, Ergotron enlisted KOSE to re-establish and re-cement Ergotron as the preferred, leading, and enduring brand for Office and Healthcare office equipment buyers.


As part of their long standing partnership, KOSE and Ergotron had just finished developing Buyer Personas and Buyer Journeys. This exercise helped the organization better understand their customers' needs. It also gave them the background and information they required to drive a variety of business, marketing, product and service offerings and decisions. 

With those Buyer Personas and Buyer Journeys in hand, KOSE and Ergotron plotted out multiple initiatives and campaigns to fulfill key business objectives which included:

Our first step was creating a brand campaign to increase awareness. This ultimately brought about the “Work Vibrantly” campaign and concept, all designed to inform and show Office and Healthcare buyers how Ergotron products can improve employee satisfaction and health while creating more energetic work environments.

The “Work Vibrantly” Awareness campaigns distinctly targeted the Office and Healthcare buying audiences in high reach/high time spent environments like Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and programmatically with a variety of creative messages. Custom third-party audience segments were created in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet to identify target audiences based upon their B2B buying activity, company industry, and company size. 

To grow the Office and Healthcare database, we partnered with multiple trade publications, websites and content syndication partners to acquire net-new leads for the database. Webinars, eBooks, Whitepapers and custom content programs helped illustrate how Ergotron products can help our target audience improve the health, safety, and workplace satisfaction of  employees. 

For eCommerce, multiple Google Ads products were leveraged, including Search Ads, Google Shopping, and Performance Max campaigns. Facebook and Programmatic Retargeting drove previous visitors back to the site to prompt additional purchases, while channels like Reddit enabled the brand to reach new relevant audiences like PC Gamers who use Ergotron products to better enjoy immersive gaming environments.



Ergotron brand awareness and brand health metrics improved compared to prior brand benchmarks, while lead gen and eCommerce helped fill the brand’s future sales pipeline and to drive sales short term.  

Multiple rounds of awareness and brand health measurement conducted with Pollfish showed measured lifts in brand awareness and consideration from the campaigns including the following core brand KPIs.

Our efforts in partnering with Office and Healthcare trade publications and various partners also paid off. In total over 25,000 leads were delivered and helped contribute to multi-million dollar increases in future pipeline revenue for each business unit. 

Finally, Google Ads products including Search Ads and Performance Max helped drive eCommerce revenue, while Facebook, Instagram, and Programmatic retargeting drove relevant audiences to the website. The campaign resulted in a 22% increase in Return–On-Ad-Spend as well as an improved conversion rate.



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KOSE, Ergotron


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