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Hello From Anthemic Video: Wellness Marathon

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We were challenged with two major tasks: (1) develop marketing to create awareness of new healthcare benefits available through employee open enrollment,  and (2) create a campaign to encourage engagement with the 4 pillars of our Live Well program. 

At the time, Delta’s landscape of employee Health and Wellness options, resources and choices was robust. Overchoice was leading many employees to disengage, rather than explore all the self-care offerings Delta was providing for its people. 

With the realization of overchoice top of mind, we took a step back. We needed to  rethink how we approach the Delta Health and Wellbeing brand overall in order to create something even more impactful; a streamlined approach  for speaking to our people about health and wellness in a way that not would inspire action,  but also create emotional connections to our brand.


Strategy and Execution

We quickly realized all Delta health and wellbeing solutions can’t be communicated with a one-size-fits all approach. 

Through our research and partnership with stakeholders, it became clear we needed a holistic campaign and brand system that would meet our people where they were at, respecting the pace of their unique health and wellness journey. 

Our solution was Hello From, an encouraging and  lasting Delta Wellness campaign platform designed to be forward facing, ownable and flexible enough to thoughtfully speak to all the types of wellness topics and tones — as if it were a message from your future self. 

Serving as our anthemic campaign video,  Marathon explores mental health, alongside physical. Our runner, despite the physical demand, finds peace in the challenge of the run. Meanwhile the video also reveals a deeper look into the lives of others as they run their own version of a marathon, pushing forward each day.

Wellness Marathon video:



As stated above, the main objectives of this campaign and the campaign’s anthemic video was (1) develop marketing to create awareness of new healthcare benefits available through employee open enrollment, and (2) create a campaign to encourage engagement with the 4 pillars of our Live Well program. 

Reflecting on cumulative video performance, we achieve our awareness goal, drawing 28,000 total views of the standalone video. Additionally, views of the fireside chat (where the Marathon video was a pre-roll) totaled 9,364, exceeding expectations, reaching 3x as many people as previous mental health videos. As evidence of engagment, anecdotally this campaign was the most viewed town hall we've shared when compared to all other COVID-19 focused events. We also achieved overall positive sentiment toward the campaign on Delta’s internal social media platform, SkyHub. A sample of positive setiment can be seen thorugh employee comments below: 

Employee Comments:

I LOVE, love, love the commercial at the beginning. Wow!! So moving and so true... powerful!

I'm very grateful that our Delta Leadership Team has really focused on our mental well being! It's so important to offer this support to our employees and families across our company. Thank you Ed for sharing your story and commitment to the employees of Delta Air Lines.

The commercial is so Inspiring!!!! Love it!!! Thank you, Alyson Smith and Delta for all the Amazing Resources to help us navigate our Challenges in Life!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I open up my delta net and see third video just as my daughter has had a very difficult few days with her mental health. It felt comforting to me to see my company speaking out about something that is a struggle to close to me 💜



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Delta Air Lines

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