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Special Project

Special Project

WeDoVaccines – Novavax Unbranded TikTok Ads

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When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, most of the world knows about mRNA vaccines, but not about protein-based ones. Novavax is about to change that. Unlike other vaccine companies, Novavax uses protein-based vaccine technology—a technology that's been around for decades and has been used in vaccines for the flu, hepatitis B, and HPV. And there's a good chance you have already had one. So, we turned to TikTok to educate people across the United States on Novavax and its protein-based vaccines in the most engaging way possible.


Our team created the WeDoVaccines TikTok Ads to raise awareness of Novavax and protein-based vaccines. One of our greatest challenges was creating fun, engaging content while navigating a strict regulatory environment.

To ensure the ads fit within the DIY aesthetic of the platform, we avoided an overly produced look and feel. Instead, we looked to the most popular niches and shooting styles on the platform. We leveraged them to showcase our message in a fun and engaging way. This helped us to connect with our target audience and make our ads more relatable.

Additionally, we ensured that every ad, while addressing different niches, had a unique feel. This approach allowed us to gauge which ads were receiving the most engagement and to produce more ads in the future that align with what consumers were resonating with the most.


Our team brought awareness to the Novavax brand, educated individuals on protein-based vaccines, and provided helpful info for vaccine-hesitant audiences, with more than 42 million impressions on TikTok in just 1 month! Our TikTok ads have performed way above TikTok's Healthcare & Pharmaceutical clickthrough rate (CTR) benchmarks.


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Patients & Purpose, Novavax

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