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We Adopted An Orphanage

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Baphumelele is a children’s home in Khayelitsha, South Africa made up of 12 buildings and currently houses 112 orphans and displaced children. Baphumelele was on the verge of being shut down due to it being an unfit environment because of asbestos exposure. Beast Philanthropy is dedicated to giving the current children their home back, as well as providing a home for the thousands of kids who will reside there in the future. We also want to continue to support Baphumelele Children’s Home as they struggle to make ends meet in order to keep the lights on and all of the children fed. With this video we aim to showcase the incredible journey we have been on and the amazing story of an unsung hero, Mama Rosie and her plight to save the orphanage that houses the many kids she cares for. 

Strategy and Execution

At the core of this endeavour is the unwavering commitment to positive change. Beast Philanthropy, led by YouTube content creator celebrity Mr Beast and Executive Director Darren Margolias, ensures that 100% of the proceeds from their US-based charity go directly to the causes they support.

Our strategy was to bring Mama Rosie and the Baphumelele Children's story to light so that we could create awareness around the struggles they face and share it with our YouTube audience of approximately 14 Million Subscribers. We produced the first video which is part 1 of this story titled "We Saved An Orphanage" highlighting the issue at hand and creating a call to action to assist us in helping the orphanage in any way possible. The cost of rebuilding the orphanage turned out to be more expensive than we had budgeted for but with the success of the first video and the wide reach it had we were approached by donors who offered to assist in the completion of the project on time.

This second film launch serves a crucial purpose – raising awareness and rallying support for Baphumelele Children’s Home, which was on the brink of closure. By shedding light on the heroic work of Mama Rosie and her team, Beast Philanthropy aims to inspire partnerships in the private sector that can provide essential aid. This groundbreaking approach to philanthropy aims to create sustainable solutions across the globe, regardless of geographical boundaries and we are proud of the results. 



The impact of Beast Philanthropy’s previous video about Baphumelele Children’s Home, featuring its inspiring founder Mama Rosie, was immediate and astounding. With over 14.7 million views and more than $500,000 USD in funds raised through, the global response has been nothing short of transformative.

Beast Philanthropy’s YouTube channel stands as a beacon of hope and transformation. Every bit of revenue earned through their YouTube channel, from adverts to sponsorships and merchandise sales, contributes to their noble mission.

We started this project in order to assist an orphanage in crisis and the response we have received from viewers, corporate brands and donors who are willing to commit to assisting Baphumelele in the future has been a massive success and we could not be prouder of the outcome.


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