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Special Project

Special Project

Vocal x One Love Foundation

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The One Love Foundation partnered with Vocal Media to develop and execute a cross-platform social influencer campaign, focused on young individuals experiencing relationships for the first time.

Only 33% of teens in abusive relationships ever inform anyone else about the abuse. Facilitating safe dialogue and conversation is life-changing for teens. This campaign focused on educating young people on recognizing the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships by utilizing their favorite creators. This content was also used in development and growth of the @join1love TikTok channel. 

Vocal designed this campaign to reach young people through the trust of their favorite creators to encourage healthier relationship behaviors and open dialogue. The goal was to drive conversation online about how to engage in healthy relationship dynamics, and to build an active community and online TikTok presence for One Love to reach new audiences that can be directed to One Love’s extensive digital resources on healthy relationship behaviors. 


Vocal developed a strategy report outlining different personas to create a familiar and trustworthy voice that accurately aligned with the One Love voice. In this report, Vocal assessed the One Love TikTok page, identified areas of improvement, including diversifying the One Love voice and incorporating specific, differentiated topics to establish a content niche and brand voice. Vocal also performed a competitive analysis examining successful relationship content on TikTok. 

Based on the creator personas that Vocal identified, our team sourced over 80 niche creators matching three personas, which were:

1. The ‘BFF’: The most relatable persona to our demographic, they are navigating the dating/relationship world and are still actively trying to figure it all out. The BFF is invested in pop culture and “on-trend” conversations. They post consistent content about their dating lives and lessons in an entertaining way. Being that trusted confidant and friend to so many, the BFF creator can often act as an online proxy for others that might not have a trusted source in their life to learn from. (Example creator)

2. The ‘Professional’: These are professional individuals with a degree or training in relationship therapy. This creator works to establish a deep sense of trust with their audience, while also exposing facts about unhealthy relationships that many might not be aware of. (Example creator)

3. The ‘Fun Aunt/Uncle’: This is a figure that people would go to for advice like they would with a cool, experienced aunt or uncle. This is somebody that has a good amount of dating advice under their belt after learning from their own past (and potentially past mistakes). They give you the advice that you need, not necessarily just what you want to hear, as they offer a “mentor” role for One Love's target audience. The experienced dating/relationship veteran genuinely cares about their audience and doesn’t want them to make the same mistakes they made, but rather wants to fill any gaps on unhealthy relationships that some of their audience might turn a blind eye to or be unaware of.  (Example creator)

Vocal produced creative briefs that highlighted messaging that research indicated would resonate with young audiences, and executed two separate phases of experimentation.

Phase 1 focused on One Love’s Ten Signs of a Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship. This period of time allowed us to identify what style of content and topics audiences were most receptive to. 

Phase 2 briefs were customized for each creator in order to optimize niche topics, including topics about friendships, breakups, ‘ghosting’, and more. An additional creator partnership with Jay was secured in an effort to reach more male audiences.

Throughout the program, Vocal advised on which creator videos to repost and amplify on One Love’s page to build an authentic and relatable online presence designed to garner reach and engagement. These videos were supported by boosting to ensure a wider audience within our demographic was targeted.


This campaign surpassed our agency benchmarks for success. Overall, the campaign reached 7.2M people.

Phase 1: 

Phase 2:

22 of these videos were utilized on One Love’s owned organic + paid channels, which resulted in:

The campaign built an authentic dialogue with young audiences, utilizing the creator's personal stories and highlighting the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship in this modern era. One Love helped seed accurate and helpful educational content about healthy relationships in a TikTok landscape that can be overly focused on drama, personal anecdotes and misinformation

Our efforts positioned One Love as a leader in information when identifying signs of an unhealthy and healthy relationship, and actively built a TikTok presence for One Love to direct new audiences to their resources. This campaign succeeded also in our goal of reaching young audiences on platforms they are native to - TikTok and Instagram.


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Vocal Media, One Love Foundation


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