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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Tommee Tippee: Building raw, honest parenthood conversations

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Newcastle-based Tommee Tippee (TT) has supported parents for over 50 years with innovative baby feeding, sleeping, changing and caring products. With competitors hot on its heels, an influencer campaign was needed to support the ‘Parent Room’, TT’s new website space for raw and real advice on parenting. TT wants new parents to feel seen and be confident, while the brand stays part of the conversation after their products had been purchased.

Our content-led campaign, using always-on influencer messaging spiked by celebrities, needed to achieve these objectives over eight months:

Strategy and Execution

We wanted to reach and engage three key audiences to share honest conversations that would empower others:

  1. Informed Achievers: They scour reviews/consider product sustainability/health credentials.
  2. Image Conscious Telly Addicts: Social people who love beauty and fashion.
  3. Mainstream Ad Fans: Traditional ABC1 audience that consume social media, TV, radio, and engage with marketing directly. 

According to Forrester, 70% of emotionally engaged consumers spend 2x or more on brands they’re loyal to. Our own research also revealed:

• 54% of parents, especially first-timers, crave information

• A growing sense of shared responsibility between mums and dads

• TT customers are naturally curious about functions, credentials and brand ideology

We integrated this into our strategy and influencer selection. For instance, choosing ambassadors representative of various childcare structures.

Using an auditing framework/Woomio we sourced advocates who deliver awareness/engagement to an audience primed to engage with our campaign on TikTok and Instagram (the most effective channels to reach 18-34 year olds). They also have track records for our KPIs, high engagement & following, align to TT’s audience typologies and regularly post parenting content.

For mass awareness, we chose seven always-on ambassadors at different tiers of influence and integrated content spikes from a big-bang celeb to drive momentum.

Honest conversations form the backbone of the content – positioning the brand as empathetic. It doesn’t sound ground-breaking but public discourse about the truth of parenthood is still opaque. We want TT to be the first company to be honest and helpful on the subject, despite the sensitive legalities of discussing this previously taboo subject online.

With an overarching creative strategy called ‘Moment of Truth’, our ambassadors built, engaged  & encouraged a community of parents to share their own experiences on socials – mirroring the sentiment of TT’s Parents Room. They posted raw, real stories and advice on Instagram and TikTok on three truths that parents know:

• Unvarnished Truth: The impact a baby has on one’s mental health

• The Naked Truth: How parents’ relationships with their own bodies shift.

• Shared Truths: Advice, personal anecdotes and support on the overwhelming the pre and post-partum experience.

Each truth removed the filtered side of social, making room for personal revelations and tips and creating space for an innovative approach to taboo subjects.  For instance, a disability activist on parenting from a wheelchair.

To integrate products with integrity, our advocates articulated their truths as voiceovers on content of their family set-up, featuring TT products in daily use.

As influencers with kids are too time poor to create content to the spec they (and TT) would like, our Studio team stepped into script, shoot and edit some content. They also advised our always-on network on naturally fitting products into posts. This took the pressure off whilst ensuring ‘on brief’ content.

A campaign associated with children-focused products meant we had to be sensitive to market regulations. With the support of our legal team, and TT’s, we navigated a spectrum of complex topics that moved the needle without breaching platform or sales guidelines.



This campaign was a huge success against objectives: 

• Raise awareness: Achieved 3.4M impressions versus 1.2M objective – that’s +185% more than the goal.

• Raise reach:  Achieved 3.2 reach versus 1.1M objective – that’s +194% more than the goal.

• Drive brand engagement: Achieved 7% ER versus 5%ER objective – that’s +40% more than the goal.

• Support core products and launch NPDs: Achieved £0.08CPE versus £0.015CPE objective – that’s +44% more than the goal.

As a result of our rigour and creativity, this campaign exceeded everyone’s expectations. We surpassed our KPIs and there was an unexpected positive outcome:

• User-Generated Content: we drove 1.2K comments – proving we built a digital-first community, that felt unheard and was willing to have raw conversations about TT and parenthood.



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