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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

The Problem with Jon Stewart: The Official Podcast

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“The Problem with Jon Stewart” (the official podcast) is a weekly podcast hosted by Jon Stewart that features long form interviews with guests on a prescient topic. Jon is joined by staff writers at the beginning and end of the episode to talk about news of the week and the things that make them laugh, cry, and shake their fists in the air. Jon is dedicated to taking an issue that is affecting our lives, and the news cycle, and deconstructing the topic, highlighting the absurdities within it and getting to heart of what makes us so fired up about it, and the impact it has on the U.S. No matter the topic, Jon is able to bring humor and levity to the interviews that make every issue accessible to all podcast listeners, and brings what might typically be heated conversations to a place of clarity, composure, and open-mindedness.

Strategy and Execution

Sometimes the experts agree with Jon and bring a historical, research based, or journalistic angle towards analyzing the topic with him, and sometimes they come to the table with those things to tell us why we are flat out wrong. Either way, the goal is to use the podcast platform as a space to have unfiltered, barely edited conversations around the issues that so often are couched in talking points and misinformation. Our team of researchers and producers dig deep to find troves of research that help Jon dive into the weeds on some of

the most complicated topics (i.e. how to solve inflation), not that he needs much help. Jon’s humor, wit, and laser sharp analysis allows the show to get some of the biggest names on the podcast, and sometimes highlights individual experts who are lesser known but have the knowledge and passion we wish would be highlighted on traditional news.



Jon always brings incisive and authentic conversations to the table, he prioritizes clarity in a noisy news world and often seeks to engage people who might disagree with his viewpoint, all in the name of bringing more open and honest conversations. Jon often has guests on to challenge the status quo, he questions why our broken system continues to self perpetuate and asks why the government’s approaches to problems in this country are often resistant to change and innovative thinking.


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Apple TV+ : Podcast, Anikka Sellz


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